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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Blog Pause

Hi guys :)  Sorry it's been such a long time since I posted.  I've been really busy and just haven't had a chance to make any updates.  Typically, if I fall off of blogging it might be because I find myself in a little "funk" and I don't want this to become an arena where I bitch and moan about anything.  I want this blog to continue to be a place where I share exciting and important things, mostly health and wellness related.  However, this time I haven't been blogging because there are so many amazing things going on with my life that I just haven't had the chance!

Since the weather warmed up I have been running outside.  I haven't set foot at the gym and don't get me wrong I do miss lifting 100%, but as I started to prep for the race - which is next weekend - I felt like I wouldn't really make much progress if I was only running a mile here or a mile there for warm up or cool down a few days a week.  I've run nearly every day for almost a month and a half now and I actually find myself looking forward to it and looking forward to running longer distances.  The most I've done right now is 6 miles at one time, but that was actually pretty easy and went by quickly.  On a typical day, I run about 3 miles ....give or take.  Admittedly, every run has not been amazing, nor do I improve every time.  There are days, like yesterday, where I just feel like crap and end up walking a little bit.  However, from the time I started running at 10 minute miles, I've managed to knock off a considerably amount of time.  I am able to run 8:20 miles pretty easily and last Sunday I averaged about a 8:00 pace for about 4 miles.  One of the miles was even 7:40.  If I ran that next weekend I would totally hit my goal of 25 - 26 minutes.  ;)

So, the plan after this coming weekend is to continue to run, but not every day.  I am going back to lifting and back to yoga to have a balance of things.

I haven't been taking a ton of outfit photos, but here's a more recent work one.  I am excited to say that those pants I'm wearing were my "skinny pants" and they're a little big now.  I haven't really changed much in weight (about 135) this month but my composition seems different.
Jeans are Paper, Denim, & Cloth, gray tshirt is from The Limited, and so is my blazer I think....Necklace is from Target....and my fav Steve Madden booties! :)