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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

100th Post

Alright so the wagon should be circling back around by my place shortly and I'm jumping back on!!  I won't bore you with what you already know this week - I cheated on paleo and I haven't worked out since last week.  Shame on me!!  I got groceries yesterday and my shoulder is a-ok.  I'm ready for you, Wednesday.

I honestly can't say the cheats are all regretful.  Sunday I ate part of a skillet cookie sundae while I was out with friends watching hockey.  I'm not gonna trade that. ;)  Last night I didn't make it to the gym because a really good thing happened with my job and I was trying to sort out the details.  I stayed up late talking to my best friend, too. Today, I treated myself to a mani/pedi and they gave me champagne.  Who cares if I drank 3 glasses and came home and needed a nap?!  I never plan for paleo to take over my life and rob me of the fun things, but typically these things are more spaced out.  

In other news, I have a cute outfit to post.  

Black cardigan sweater from Lululemon - I'm obsessed! I wear the heck out of this thing.  Gray/Silver tissue tee from the Limited.  Pink/salmon jeans from "Tar-jay".  Black wedge booties that I ordered online from Amazon.  I don't remember their brand.  

Randomness:  I have re-discovered heels and I'm loving it.  I am obsessed with the peplum.  I want a pair of mint colored jeans.  What if the Hawks never lose? ;)  Sharpie and I make great roomies.  I need to go dancing - stat!  

So I was just thinking about this post and if I should care that its an "I've struggled" lately theme as opposed to "I'm kicking ass and taking names" theme??  My conclusion is this:  I share all of these things with you guys - the good, the bad, the interesting, the only interesting to me - so it is what it is.  Here's where I am today.  It's not where I'll be tomorrow.  All I know is that things have changed a lot in a year and one week doesn't derail me from any of those accomplishments.  Like I said before - Wednesday, I'm ready for you!!  :)

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  1. I will always take credit for having introduced you to your new roommate, except when he barfs on the rug or bites your nose to wake you up. then you're on your own. also, those skillet cookies are the bomb!