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Friday, February 15, 2013

Thursday and Friday

Thursday:  After spending most of the day locked inside working on paperwork I decided to venture out to yoga tonight.  It had been a couple of weeks since my last class.  I decided to sign up for a time tonight with a new instructor - just for something different.  I find that the hour draaaaaaaaaaaaaags on when the same person does the same moves in the same order every time.  I was pleasantly surprised that I liked tonight's class the best so far.  It was a nice mix of things I'm good at (always a plus in my book) and challenging poses that I'm getting better at.

My hips were tight today and really sore from lifting yesterday so the fact that he had just doing a lot to open up that part of my body was great ....even though it hurt like hell sometimes.  One announcement: I cannot do the splits.  How I ever managed this when I was a kid amazes me.  I should probably work on this outside of class so I'm not feeling like a complete loser when we do this again.  ;)

Things I noticed tonight:
1) First of all, I could have stayed in high plank forever.  It just felt good and strong.
2) My transitions from high plank to low plank and then to up-dog were the BEST I've ever done them.  They were slow and controlled too, not just me lowering my stomach down and then down to my elbows and so on.
3)  I can "do" the splits a lot better on my left side than right.
4)  Umm..."crow"

Okay so quick Friday update.  I finished hanging all of the artwork in my bedroom and new stuff for the bathroom today!  I post a few pics soon.  I did a lot of cleaning today and organizing and I'm feeling pretty settled here now.  I have one or 2 things that I want to get from IKEA, but I'll tell you more about them after they're here.

Here's my outfit for tonight.  I'm going to meet a frieeeeeeend for drinks in Lincoln Square and then out with some people to watch the Hawks game in Wrigleyville.

The angle makes me look really short?  haha  So weird.

Outfit details:  CUTE peplum top from Target, Express Jeans, Tory Burch flats, my Tiffany bean necklace I got for Xmas a few years ago and a necklace with charms that came from Express several years ago.

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