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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Running: Day 1

I've ambitiously set my goal for the 5K at 25 minutes - which I completely think is do-able as long as we continue to run between now and the end of April.  I started the "training" today and ran 2 miles.  The first mile I just ran at a very easy pace just to see what time it would turn out and it was around 10:30.  I ran the second mile a little quicker at 10:00 even.  Running felt awesome today so I'm really excited to see how much we can push ourselves by race time!  Also, I cannot wait to run outside when its nice.  This is the spring and summer that I start running at the lake.

I loved the workout today!!  It was quick, but challenging.

Snatch:  2 reps at the top of each minute for 12 minutes @ 60% of best snatch effort
-  I did several reps to warm up at lower weights and then quickly got started.
-  I went with 42 lbs for my 60%.
-  This went really awesome.  I was definitely tired towards the end, but I never broke form.

Power Clean + Push Press:  2 sets of 2 + 2 and 3 sets of 2 + 1  (I know that seems confusing!!)
-  I'm gonna throw it out there that I think I could have lifted heavier for this because I should really be able to clean more and I'm sure I can, but I also had to think about the press and how much I can do there.  I went with 42 lbs for this, too.
- The 2 sets of 2 power cleans and 2 push presses were quick and painless.
-  The 3 sets of 2 power cleans and 1 push press were also easy.

The workout online called for strict chin ups but I can never seem to find the freakin' band when I want to do this.  I'm going to have to order one I think because pull ups are never gonna happen on their own!

After the lifting I did the running that I mentioned above.

Last night I didn't get home from work in time to hit the gym so I did an ab video.  I'm totally feeling it today!! :)

Since I wasn't able to hit the gym last night I took the opportunity to cook.  I gotta say that I'm pretty proud of myself for branching out and trying new recipes and not just sticking with burgers and breakfast stuff.  (Those things sound really good, btw, but I'm refraining!)  I've noticed that I am crazy for certain foods for a period of time and then all of a sudden I don't want anything to do with them.  Right now I'm eating apples like it's my job and I probably bake a batch of brussel sprouts every other day.  A month ago it was broccoli and the mango slices from Whole Foods....and a number of other things I've cycled through.  I don't know if I'm the only person who does this, but it's weird, right?

So I did a little shopping over the weekend and I've (of course) been wearing things this week.  Here's my work outfit from yesterday.  I'm a little obsessed with these grey dress pants so that's why they're constantly showing up. Maybe I should throw my other ones back into the rotation, too? ;)

Black sweater from Zara.  You can't see it, but the back has such cool detail.  There's a gold zipper that runs the length of the shirt and the hem is asymmetrical in the sense its shorter where the zipper comes together and then gets longer and meets the length of the front of the shirt. So cute! Gray Editor pants from Express (Love them!) and my Tory Burch flats.   

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