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Friday, March 1, 2013

Dream Dictionary

After going through a period of a couple of years without really dreaming or remembering them in the morning (that's a better way to put it) I've started dreaming really vividly again.  I'm not exactly sure the function of this, but I googled it yesterday and came across a couple articles about emotional health and your mind's way of processing events through dreaming.  For the sake of time and space the important thing from the dream was that my purse was stolen from a secure location.  I was on vacation with a few friends and had locked it up because I wasn't going to need it.  I had thought about checking it during "the trip" but didn't.  On the last day of the trip I went to retrieve my purse and everything was gone.  I knew it had contained my wallet, driver's license, phone, keys, money, passport, ipass (why was that in my purse?) and everything else that identifies me.  In the dream I didn't even know how to begin clearing up the mess and confusion so it just sent me into a panic.  

I'm finding this dream wildly entertaining because my dream dictionary (Yes, I have one of those)  suggests that the translation is something to do with feeling lost and having to find yourself.  How appropriate?  I've had so many changes in my life since the summer and there's been plenty of times where I've felt a little out of sorts.  It's so interesting to me that my mind tries to sort this out while I'm sleeping.  Like I mentioned a few posts ago, I have lately felt that things are all coming together and that's so exciting.  I'm hoping that having vivid dreams about this stuff is a sign that I'm close to working it all out. :)

I had a couple of rest days due to my schedule so I was back in the gym this morning to do yesterday's workout.  I'm really enjoying these complex lift programs so I hope we keep them going.  I took a couple videos to check on my form today so I've included those.  

Snatch:  1 Hang Snatch + 2 Snatch (5 reps) @ 65% of 1RM

  • I went with 42 lbs again for this one and my first few practice snatches weren't so great.  I was landing in my squat with my weight shifted forward onto my toes so I was having to take a step forward to stick the landing.  However, once I got started with the workout that actually corrected itself.
  • I ended up doing an extra set, too, because I noticed on my first video that my knees were coming together a little bit of the first pull during the regular snatch.  I had to see it corrected! :)  The video included is of this set.

Clean & Jerk:  1 Clean + 2 Jerk (5 reps) @ 65% of CJ1RM
  • Okay - good chance to redeem myself from the other day when I thought I could do this heavier.  I can jerk more than I can push press, obviously, so I went with 52 lbs instead.
  • Sets were good.  For whatever reason I've figured out how to correct my clean technique and now it's just getting back to the weights I was doing before.  Yay! 
  • I even took a video of an extra set of this - just a regular clean and jerk.  I can get away with not getting too low under the bar for the jerk now, but that will have to be something I work on as it gets heavier. 

Deadlifts:  4 rounds of 4 reps at 100% of CJ Max (which all time is about 105).
  • I did 90 lbs for this and I think that was a good call on my part.  They weren't bad at all, but definitely not easy.
4 x 20 Backwards Lunges - with a 25 lbs plate over head.  I'm hoping I feel that later! :)

I didn't get a chance to run today because this took me longer than I thought.  I had to come home for a Skype call.  The goal will be to run Saturday and Sunday!  

Happy weekend, everyone!! :)

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