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Friday, March 15, 2013

Quick Friday Update

Hey everyone! Just thought I would do a quick update about gym and paleo stuff for the past few days.  

On Wednesday, I had a really jam packed day but I did make it over to the gym just to run.  I'm annoyed to report that I am still kinda sick (just can't kick it) but wanted to try to stay in a routine. I decided to give a 30 minute run a try.  With confidence, I can say that I've probably only run 30 minutes straight on a treadmill maybe one other time in my life?  It's not something I enjoy and I constantly want to stare at the clock.  (Does anyone else notice that time absolutely stands still when you're on there?  You think its been 15 mins and you look down and its been 22 seconds.)  Anyways, I covered the clock with my jacket and set the speed for 6.5.

Around minute 20 I decided that I should be able to peek at the time.  Probably shouldn't have done that because that's when I started to feel like I wanted to quit.  I was hot, a little tired, and bored, even though I made myself a new workout jam playlist.  I pushed through, only taking a quick sip of water for my throat (still sick, remember?) and finished 3.22 miles in 30 minutes.  Per my usual, there is more in the tank at the end than I think there is so I jumped the speed up to 7.0 for the last 2 minutes.  That works out to be about 9:15 min miles.  Not bad.  Obviously, I want to run faster in the actual 5K BUT for running on the treadmill with a constantly speed for that long I was pretty proud of myself.    

I took Wednesday off and yesterday my work schedule didn't give me any gym time.  Today, I'm going to head over there and get in a little lifting at some point.  Not sure what workout I'm going to do.  I'm thinking maybe I'll do 13.2 with a lighter weight just for fun because it'll be quick and I don't have a ton of time.  [Update:  I did make it to the gym today.  I warmed up with running a mile.  It was 9:00 m pretty much on the dot.  Then, I decided I'd do the modified 13.2 workout I'd been thinking about doing.  This was one of the days where I wish that I had other people around to compete with.  I just don't know how to pace myself.  So the real 13.2 was at 10 m amrap of 5 shoulder to overheads at 75 lbs, 10 deadlifts at 75lbs, and then 15 box jumps - 20" for the girls.  I did 37 lbs for my shoulder to overheads, 60 lbs for my deadlifts, and 20" box jumps.  I'd say that the box jumps really killed my time b/c I just couldn't seem to get in a rhythm with them.  I got through 4 full rounds and then the S2OH and a couple deadlifts.  I'm not sure I could have gone much slower than that...blah!  

Before I talk about food, just something I was thinking about because I mentioned my playlist above. I have a fairly broad range of music that I enjoy overall and it's no secret that I love 80's music so clearly there's a ton of that on there.  I've found that I lift and run best to music that makes me happy or has a beat than more angry stuff like they're blasting over the sound system at the gym.  I think its stuff that you'd never think to listen to if you were trying to pick up heavy Usher OMG...or Michael Jackson anything....or Tom Petty Runnin' Down the Dream?  Weird, I know.  At WCCF I didn't lift with an iPod because its just not the culture for doing that, but at Conviction I don't really have a choice if I want to be in a zone.   It makes me wonder what other people are listening to.  That giant juice-head gorilla over on the other he listening to Sheryl Crow?  I don't know, but I'd love to be able to do a Zach Morris time out one of these days and just see what other people like to workout to. 

Okay, so food has been good.  Remember when I was having so much trouble with cheating?? It's not even an issue anymore.  I have been eating paleo all the time for about a month now without cheats and without really scrutinizing over it.  Someone at work the other night did offer me a small cookie and it was really awkward the way it happened to turn it down so there was that, but that's really all.  There are probably places that I could tweak some things - i.e. I have really had a craving for fruit lately....ok apples.  I guess there are worse things I could be eating, but I should probably try to cut back on that.  Also, I think I mentioned the almond butter incident the other day.  I don't know what happened...I blacked out....all my celery fell into the jar....I had to eat understand.  ;)  

I'll try to do some pics and measurements and stuff soon - definitely before I start training harder for the 5K and leading up to that.  It's April 27, so a little over a month away!  I also signed up for 1 in July and Josh sent me a link for another one in May.  I'm oddly excited about signing up for more races.....who knew this was gonna happen?  ;)  

Happy Friday.....
Be safe this weekend....
I have lots of outfits to post next time....

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