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Friday, March 29, 2013

Long time, No Post

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in quite a while.  I've been really busy with work - in a good way - and I always tell myself I can blog once I have all my work done for the day .....and yeah you can tell that I'm a little swamped! Like I said, though, it's great and I'm loving every second of it!! :)  However, I still suck at getting up and being productive in the mornings so I've had to resort to being a night owl to get anything accomplished, which is ok.  So if you see me on fb at 2 am...that's why. :)  

I have tons to update so I'll try to touch on everything, but just so this post doesn't get out of hand I'll keep it brief.  Let me know if there's anything you want to hear more about.  

First, I'm going to get this out of the way for my BFF - who I am missing dearly right now!!  

Okay, so Chambray shirt from Target, black "leggings" from Express, striped tank from Gap, and my NEW tan and black flats from Aldo that I'm in love with!!  

Orangy/Pink sweater from Target, white tissue tee from Victoria's Secret, my H& M jeans and boots

This was an uber casual day - neon pull over from Old Navy, Express jeans....and I curled my hair - what?!

MINT JEANS!!  I finally found them at Forever 21...the VS tshirt from above and my jean jacket from Zara.

I love this sweater and I forgot I had it.  (Target) and then just a plain off-white long sleeved tshirt, and H & M jeans.

Sweater from Zara, with a cute "slit" in the back.  You have to wear a tank top under it for sure.  Black lulu leggings and my super tall black wedges.  

Whew!  There are also days I forgot to take pictures.  Bummer!  I'll try to stay on top of this.  :)

Okay, so without going to get my gym notebook I feel like the last time I updated was after I did workout 13.2??  I didn't do 13.3 in full, but just Karen (150 Wall Balls).  I couldn't walk for 3 days after that, but its that sore that sucks but you know did you a lot of good?  I'm probably going to try it again here, soon.  It took me about 8 minutes to finish it and that is just not acceptable!! I would like to get it to around 6:00 mins, if possible.  I did 3 sets of 25 and then sets of 10 until I finished.  

I haven't tackled 13.4 yet, but I will do that maybe next Tuesday!! 

In the meantime, I've been running.  Yesterday was my first run outside and I did a 5k distance.  It took me about 27 or 28 mins, which is exactly on pace with my best indoor time.  I got a little worried while running b/c I got a cramp in my side right away so I felt like I was going really slow.  Apparently not? I'm REALLY excited that the weather is nicer because running outside made the time go so much faster.  When I've been running at the gym lately I've been varying my distance and speed and incline.  Some days I do a mile just to warm up and run it as fast as I can.  Other days I do 2 miles at a good, brisk pace and I did do a 5k the other day, which I posted on fb was 9:15 miles.  I would love to be at 25 or 26 minutes but there's only a month left until the race so is that possible?  I have no idea, but I'll keep working towards it.

I've lifted a couple of times since I last blogged.  The other day I loved the work out.  It was 4 parts (1RM):  70% snatch (3 x 3), 70% clean and jerk (3 x 3), 80% strict press (3 x 5), and 80% OHS (3x 5).  I snatched at 45 lbs and  and clean and jerked the same. <-- Those numbers should not be the same!  I pressed at like 30 lbs and OHS arms were super tired so I started at 30 and worked my way up to 40 by set 5.  I felt great lifting!!

So, I think I had just started to mention the saga with my weight, too?  Maybe not.  I've been hanging out at 133 consistently since December.  I weighed myself 2 weeks ago and I was 139.  Nothing had really changed so I was freaking out a little.  Not b/c 139 is fat ....don't think I'm being crazy about was just the idea that something was happening and I wasn't sure what it was.  The only thing is that I had been eating a bunch of apples...they're portable snacks for when I'm out on the job and I just need something quick.  I'll admit I was eating a bunch of them, but I really didn't think that was it.  Last Friday I weighed 139 and I decided to do a small experiment.  I ate my last apple and didn't buy more over the weekend.  Yesterday I weighed 137 in clothes.  Today I weigh 134.  Fucking weird, huh?  I guess my love affair with apples has to come to an abrupt end.  We may still be able to see each other from time to time, but no longer on a daily basis.  I'm just glad I figured out what was going...and all my friends who kept having to hear about it are probably more glad :)  Sorry guys!! Loves you!!!

Alright well that's enough for now.  Have a great weekend!! :) 

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