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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Where's the Theraflu?!

Just when my motivation was at its peak that pesky traveling friend, the flu, has shown up at my apartment for a visit.  Awesome.  I was really jacked up to lift this week and to run and to do yoga.  I had that "pre-sickness haze" yesterday but I shrugged it off thinking that I would take some meds and get to sleep at a decent time and be on the mend today.  "Not so fast, Erica!," says the flu.  "I'm in from out of town and I need a place to crash."  I guess things could be worse I could be puking, but instead I'm just completely worn down, achy, and my throat is really sore.  I took a walk over to Walgreens this morning to get some medicine.  Which, if you have seen my medicine drawer, is probably completely unnecessary but I feel better with a stockpile.  Take that cold + flu....I have 24 tablets of gel-filled germ fighting power.....costing me the equivalent of one paycheck.  :)

Seriously though - does anyone else have the problem that they never know what to buy?  Do I want cold and sinus? Do I want cold and flu?  Do I want a blue Tylenol drink thing?  Where the fuck are the Theraflu packets? (Time Out:  my Walgreens didn't have any....are these no longer being made?! I just looked on and they don't have any either.  This is not good.)  Why is Mucinex so expensive....Answer: because it's amazing.  I finally settled on some Dayquil/Nyquil, Exedrin (I was out and that's the only thing that takes away my headaches), and this economy bottle of Wal-dryl that was perhaps a little unnecessary - oh well.

I hope I can get back to doing stuff where within the next day or so.  I know I've been doing pretty well, but being the perfectionist that I am it's not feeling good enough to me.  I ran into another CF friend at Conviction the other day and I'm glad that she can lift during the day so that will be really awesome.  Hopefully we can start aligning our schedules at the end of this week or next.  :)

Alright so I went to the Hawks game last night (and I even left early so you know I was feeling shitty) and here's my outfit:
Hawks hoodie (my fav) that I got a couple of years ago, white tshirt, black lululemon leggings, and my Hunter boots.  

Here's an image from the Hawks' game and the tribute to Marian Hossa!! :)  I guess all of the dancing to Chelsea Dagger I did last night might make up for no trip to the gym yesterday. ;)

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