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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nice Surprise

Okay, literally ran home from the gym tonight to tell you how stupid I am. :)  Obviously, Conviction doesn't have exactly the same equipment that WCCF had so when I was doing the snatch work with the shorter bar I assumed it was very light in weight - 7 - 10 lbs - like I was used to there.  I calculated all of my January and February snatch weights thinking it was no more than that.  Wrong.  It weights about 22.2 lbs!

Let's recalculate my snatch math:  I finished the month thinking I was doing around 37-40 lbs when really I was doing 52 lbs!  That seriously made my day and for sure my week! :)  So last week when I mentally was having trouble with what I thought was 42 was really 57 lbs and that's like 15 lbs off my 1RM of ever.  MIND BLOWN! :)

I went to the gym tonight after I got home from work and it worked out well that Clerky and Maggie were there.  It was awesome to see them to to lift with them.  I was happy, too, that they thought my lifts looked good!!  I must be doing okay by myself...even though its not my favorite!

  • Hang Snatch 5x2 @ 65% of 1RM
    • I warmed up with 22, 32, and then did the 5 sets with 42 lbs.  Honestly, no further comments.....I am just so excited!!
  • Hang Clean & Jerk 5x2 @ 65% of 1RM
    • Sets were completed with 44 lbs, which is 65% of 57 lbs (my known max for now)
    • These were easy and I had no trouble knocking them out quickly.  The cleans even felt good and I felt like I was making the bar travel straight up - instead of chasing it outward sometimes like I do.  :)  
  • Prowler - another couple was using this so I didn't get a chance to.  
  • Sit ups - I will take care of here at home 4 x 15 reps
I'm not sure what I'll be able to squeeze in tomorrow workout wise.  I would like to do yoga, but someone hit my car today so I have to get a couple estimates for the damage which will take up most of my morning.  Perhaps tomorrow is a rest day?  or....I will dance enough tomorrow night to count it as a workout.  I'm kinda hoping that's the case.  I love to dance and I never get the chance very often to do it.  Very excited!

Alright, here's an outfit of the day pic.  I worked this afternoon so you'll probably notice its less trendy and more work appropriate.  Don't look at my hair.  I am hatin' on my bangs big time.

Dress pants from Express, off white button down from the CK Outlet, CK jean jacket that I may have gotten from Marshall's a few years back, and my gray Steve Madden suede booties (love!)  

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