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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Half Marathon Recap + Results

Well, the half is finally in the books and so is my cheat meal of Monical's pizza! :)  I gotta say that I'm glad it's over, but that I'm really glad that we signed up for it.  I'll get to the more boring details, but first let me get to the part that you really want to know.  My unofficial time was 2:19:30.  In my opinion that is a better than average time, but nothing fantastic.  For my first long race and a lackluster training schedule leading up to it, I'll take it.  

So now, the details.  I didn't get a chance/feel like another run since my last 12 miler.  I would not recommend that as a training schedule at all.  The week I ran the long run I was very sore afterwards and took a few days off, then the weekend came, and then the following week I was just unmotivated because I knew I could do the race distance. Friday morning I woke up feeling like a I had a cold.  I went to Walgreens to get some airborne and some sinus meds and hoped for the best.  The cold never seemed to materialize into anything major, but breathing was a bit more difficult this morning and I had to spit to clear my throat several times.  

We got up around 6:00 am today and as I was getting ready I decided to wrap my foot with some bandage for extra support in the arch and around the ankle.  I'm not sure if this helped or not.  Usually it's not until mile 6 or 8 that I start to get pain, however, today it started in my ankle on mile 2.  Mile 2!  It's really hard to get into a groove when that starts happening when you're still trying to get comfortable and find your pace.    The pain was pretty tolerable until about mile 10 and then it was like a knife stabbing me in the arch whenever I struck the ground.  Physically, I felt pretty good...not too winded....not that tired...but it was really hard to get any speed with that happening.  I never was able to get the kick I usually get for the last few miles.  Post race, I felt good until we got home and I sat down.  Since then I have been extremely sore.  As in.....I can hardly walk and when I do it's incredibly slowly.  This is the most sore I've been post-run ever.  

To celebrate the race we went to Monicals, which I have been dying to since I discovered that Springfield had one.  I couldn't go all out but I did have a gf pizza...and it was amazing! In case you were wondering what other cheats I've engaged in this weekend, they include: apple cider donut, french fries, gf pumpkin brownies, and tons of cheese.  :) 

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