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Monday, April 2, 2012


I'm sure if we're Facebook friends you've maybe checked out the videos I posted yesterday.  If so, just deal with me reposting them here.  I am so freakin' excited about them!!  :)

SNATCH:  That's not a very heavy weight on there (~ 22kg?), but I love how it looks like I throw it up there like its nothing.  I was telling Mark that the only time I feel that weight is when I'm first picking it up.  Otherwise, it just feels like it floats up above my head.  Very excited about snatching right now!!

CLEAN and JERK:  So...that's about 40kg or so on the bar.  My form on this is not as good.  You can tell that I am more forward on my toes and the bar is going out a little bit in front of me.  All in all, I think it looks much better than when I started.

I decided to take a break from OLY tonight and force myself to go to a regular WOD tomorrow.  Fingers crossed that I'm excited about it tomorrow when I check the website.  I PR'd on 2 lifts yesterday - Snatch 30kg and front squat 50kg.

For lunch today I had the shepard's pie that Mark made yesterday.  I also had some almonds and coconut and a banana as a snack.  For dinner, I had some more of the left overs.  Tomorrow will be more of the same because there is a ton left, but I don't really mind.  Hey, its not a burger right?? :)

Oh also, that's my new grey lulu shirt in the videos. It's awesome!  I really need little reason to justify it, but I will clean out the rest of my workout clothes that I'm not wearing to make room for some of my new things.  I cleaned out my regular clothes yesterday.  See ya later "fat" clothes and other things I never wear. :P

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