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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Great Mood :)

Inspite of a lot of stresses, I was in a fantastic mood today.  Numerous reasons, but I'm so excited that my best friend is moving back to Chicago.  Its been quite a while since I've had good "girl time" with her and I'm looking forward to doing all the stuff that girls do! ;)  Another friend got some really good news and called to share it with me.

I FINALLY saw The Dark Knight Rises last night!  I had lowered my expectations for it because I've always been so in love with the second installment, but it did not disappoint.  There was a solid story (holy twists and turns, batman!) and of course, the effects were cool.  I would gladly see it again to try to pick up on anything that I might have missed the first time!  The sleep deprivation was totally worth it.

I was introducted to the iced chai tea with coconut last night at Argo.  Not sure how, but its better than the ones from Starbucks.  Its probably a good thing I don't have access to this on the regular.  I have limited myself to 3 of these this week, instead of daily.  #progress

I left work tonight hoping that I could speed home, change, and run to Zumba.  My usual 30 minute trip took 50 so there was no way I was going to make it back over to Arlington Heights in time.  Its probably a good idea to just start keeping clothes in my car so I can just head straight over there.  There's class again tomorrow, so I'll go to that. 

My cute new Tory Burch shoes showed up in the mail today and I love them!! :)  They will definiately become a new staple. 

I ate very strictly today.  I started the day off with coffee with a bit of heavy cream and then I had some strawberries.  For lunch I had a Chipotle salad with pork.  For dinner I had a fish burger (sounds gross, was decent) and some salad.  Feels good to have had a "clean" day! :)

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