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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Rave Run Results

So if you're friends with me on FB, then you know that my first race was Saturday night.  Prior to the race I had had some less than stellar runs, but I figured that my adrenaline would kick in that night and I'd be fine.  That was definitely the case.  The race didn't offer us chips to track our progress officially, but I used my iPod app and I'm excited to report that we ran 25:30! Since my goal was between 25 and 26 minutes I'm perfectly happy with that!!  :)  ....and considering Josh and I spent a considerable amount of time and energy passing people I think we probably could have beaten that, too!  

That idea aside, I am just really proud of myself for coming such a long way with running in the past couple of months.  I actually look forward to doing it, when that had never been the case before.  I am excited to go back to the gym, too, but it's nice to have this as an alternative on nice days.  There really isn't anything that I like more right now than running by the lake.  I've always loved Chicago, but it's things like this that let me know that I belong here.  From the time I started running regularly in February of this year I have cut almost 4 minutes off my mile time.  :)  Goes to show that if I put my mind to something I can make it happen and I love that feeling.  #accomplished

I would just like to say thanks to anyone that supported me along the way...liked my fb updates, sent me texts, ran with me, or anything.  It's very cool to know that everyone cared so much.  I definitely have the running bug so I'll be signing up for some more races, but this one is special.  :)  I'm so grateful for the people I have around me.  

Gotta go for now, but I'll post a cute outfit picture (just for you, Erinn!) and a couple races ones, too:  

 The white jeans I've wanted for years that I'm finally in shape enough to have! Thanks to the JCrew outlet store.  Peplum top from Target.  
Pre-race.  I had to lose the glasses to run.  

Post-race.  25:30 looks good!  :) 

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