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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Blog Return :)

Long time, no blog!  I originally took a break from blogging about running b/c 1) it's hard to write interesting things about daily runs and 2) that would be incredibly boring for you guys to read.  I can catch you up in a few bullet points about how running, fitness, and health have been since 5/1/13.

  • I have a love/hate relationship with running.  I think I burned myself out a little expecting too much - as usual.  I love it, but I get really disappointed quickly if I'm not doing as well as I think I should be.
  • I ran a 10k in June at 56:25, which was not a bad time at all.  I was originally shooting for 55 mins so that was pretty close.
  • July was a rough month for me running-wise.  Work got very busy and I am not a morning person so it was hard to find time to run.  I do not do well on afternoon runs so if I got home at a decent time I tried to run, but if not, I just couldn't fit it in.  
  • At the same time, I got a foot injury that was VERY painful.  I took several (aka 10) days off between runs sometimes so that it could heal.  It was just a strain, nothing permanent, but I kept antagonizing it.
  • Josh and I signed up for a half marathon, which is just about 4 weeks away. 
  • On my first run back (post July) I pulled a 12 mile (9:45 min) pace run out of no where and just like that I was re-interested in running.  
  • I also got NEW shoes, which have nearly decreased/eliminated my foot pain.
  • We went on vacation to the Dominican Republic and prior to that I cleaned up my eating and drinking habits (no cheats!) because I was afraid of unflattering beach pictures.  I gotta say I am pretty happy the way they turned out and with me being so hypercritical of myself that's saying a lot.  
  • We did a Zombie 5k over the weekend that was pretty fun! I nearly survived and will know that I need to train with sprints if I ever do it again! 
  • I am actually going to go to the doctor next week to have some blood work.  I try to avoid diagnosing myself, but I seem to have a lot of symptom overlap with hypothyroidism.  I'm going to have it checked out.
  • I did have a few cheat meals last week after vacation, but I think my overall plan going forward is to be GF 100%.  My last real vices are cheese and coffee creamer/dairy in terms of non-healthy foods so I'm going to try to give those up, too.  
  • I'm going to go back to Crossfit and I'm so excited!!! I really miss it.  I will not quit running all together, but I just won't train for such long distances anymore.
Okay, so those are the highlights of the last 4 months.  :)  Like I said the half marathon is about 4 weeks away so I need to be serious now about my runs.  Today's run SUCKED.  Let's not even call it a run.  I have a sore muscle from Saturday and I had to walk a lot.  I think my plan is to quickly get myself back to doing about 6 miles by the middle of next week and then to try to keep that up, while doing 9 a couple of times....9 or 10....and then the week before the half doing 12 and then just a few easier maintenance runs.  I'm going to blog to keep myself accountable! :)  

Here's a few beach pix from our vacation:
 Obligatory jumping picture! :)
Josh always catches me making the worst faces! :P 
First day on the beach! Notice my running short tan lines! :)

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