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Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Runday

Alright, so my training was derailed last week after I came down with a cold on Wednesday.  Thursday was my worst day and then by Saturday I was feeling back to normal.  I am going to get on my soap box about eating gluten free at the end of this post so if you don't want to read that you have been warned! :) 

So, first run since last week was much better.  Not a great run by any means, but I ran about 4.5 miles at about 10:00 min mile pace and then walked 1.5 miles back.  I'm not *exactly* sure what I should be running every day to train for this thing.  Before I would just run whatever I felt like that day, but now I think I need to be more systematic about it.  Things I've read suggest maintenance runs [3, 4, 5 miles] during the week and then a longer run on Fridays.  For some reason I think I need to be running longer than that during the week - like 6, 7, 8 miles?  My goal in my head is to be comfortably at 6 miles again by next week so that way my last week can be a couple of longer runs and then a few days off before the race on 10/21.  

Good news is that I was out for a little over an hour today on my run/walk and no foot pain! Yay! I think these shoes were definitely a good investment ....and also the time off that I had letting it heal.  

Tomorrow I think I should try to get in a shorter, quicker run so I can wash last weeks failed attempt at a 5k out of my mind. ;) the GF soapbox:

When I was a kid I was always sick.  Things improved when I had my tonsils/adenoids out in 3rd grade, but in spite of that I always spent a majority of the winter months going from cold to cold and then experiencing allergies and sinus issues in the spring and summer.  Now, as I've gotten older my allergies and sinus issues have become very manageable and I barely suffer from them at this point.   My colds until 2 years ago were awful.  Every time I got sick I was miserable for 2+ weeks at a time.  Then, I started eating paleo and essentially gluten free (without even realizing it) and I noticed that I hardly ever got sick and when I did it was a normal duration of a few days.  This last time was no exception.  I was sick on Wednesday, the worst was Thursday, and by Friday I was on the mend.  Saturday I went on a bar crawl with my friends and took it pretty easy, but still was out all day and felt great.  I know this is a direct connection to my diet and it's just another reason why I will continue this lifestyle indefinitely.  So, if you're always sick...can't shake your ones pop up....and you're just usually feeling like crap you might want to investigate eating GF because it's certainly changed my life for the better.

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