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Friday, August 10, 2012

Paleo is changing??

 Upcoming Paleo Changes?

I came across this yesterday and I had mixed feelings. It is very difficult to be super strict or do the Whole30.  A more relaxed approach seems nice.  I think that it makes Paleo seem like less of an "extremist" kind of thing and pulls it back into do-able lifestyle.  Other things I agree with:
  • I do agree with the first comment that evolution of this practice is a good thing 
  • Just don't eat processed, shitty foods and if you do then only once in a while   
  • Fruit was encouraged so that makes me happy  :)
  • There probably is something to the comments in the 5th section about paleo for weight loss and paleo for optimum health. I still consider myself in paleo for weight loss and when I get to where I want to be - paleo for optimum health. 
Questions I had:
  • On the other hand, it didn't really tell me where I should be looking to get said carbs.  
  • Also, I think that I wouldn't be where I am now with goals unless I had been very strict for a while. 
  • When do you relax? 
  • Is that for everyone? 
  • How harmful is it to eat strictly for longer? 
  • Who decided this change? 

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