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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hey so I'm back from Hong Kong and decided I should try to blog more regularly again. I have been terrible about it.

I ate like crap in Hong Kong. I ate usually some rice based meal and pretty often went to burger king for lunch. I blame convenience mostly.  They spoke decent english there, but it was hard enough to order without trying to specify ingredients etc. Most menus had a ton of pictures and we'd just point.

Breakfasts at the hotel were probably the easiest to control. I usually ate an omelette with peppers, onions, bacon, ham, and cheese. I also usually had smoked salmon and some sausage and whatever veggies they had plus some pineapple. I would also drink a few small glasses of whole milk (not paleo I know but I want to get used to dairy again and start introducing it).  There may have been a few times in there where I had a muffin or pancakes too, but that's neither confirmed nor denied :)

Lunch while at work was always either traditional cantonese in the cafeteria at the airport office or in the food court at the terminal. I would usually get either some thai dish, dumplings or burger king (when I had had my fill of rice dishes, which occured a lot in the last week). Again, not one of those was paleo, but oh well. I was off the wagon for most of the trip.

Dinner was all over the board. I went to outback twice (once w erica). We did some traditional chinese, and a few days early on I didn't even eat dinner cuz I was so jetlagged, I would fall asleep before dinner and sleep til 2 am. Of course, the problem with that was I was then wide awake til work and it was a pretty vicious cycle that took me a couple days to break.

Oh well. Back to the norm now that I'm home. It was a fun trip i guess, but two and a half weeks was a lil long. I'm glad to get home and get back on track with training and food.

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