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Monday, January 7, 2013

A Year's Worth of Changes

Tonight was my first trip to Conviction Fitness in Lincoln other words my first time lifting weights since July.  I had no expectations about how things would go.  Luckily for me a couple of friends showed up at the same time and that decreased some of my "first time" anxieties.  

I did a pretty light workout because I didn't want to push myself too hard and get hurt.  

Hang Snatch:  5 x 17lbs, 5 x 21lbs, 5 x 27 lbs, 5 x 34 lbs

  • These felt pretty good, but shit, what a kick to my ego that I have to start at like half of where I was lifting before?  A look back at my WCCF book says that I maxed out at around 33 kg's which is almost 70 lbs. 
  • What I did tonight wasn't a 1RM at all, so I wonder what I could really do if I pushed myself.....maybe 50 lbs?  That's not so bad when I put it into perspective.
  • Snatching, even from the hang, felt good.  I was worried I might have lost this a bit, but it was more like riding a bike.  Yay!
Hang Clean:  We were supposed to use 75 - 80% of our 1RM.  When I was in the swing of things I was doing around 45kg or 100lbs.  Yeah, there was no way that I could really come close to 75% of that.  I did a couple of sets pretty light, no more than 40 lbs.  It wasn't that heavy but my form didn't feel right.  I know I was chasing the bar out in front of me a bit like I used to do.  

After sitting here on the couch for a while and assessing my soreness I know that I wasn't coming up from my squats using the right muscles.  I'm sore in the quads, not up the back of my legs as much.  Something to work on for next time.  :)  

Push Press:  I did 3 x 10 sets at 27 lbs.  I am not sure off the top of my head what my 1RM is on this one, but I would guess it was around 35kgs.  So again, working at about half.  
  • These felt good, challenging, but good. 
Tomorrow I think I'll go yoga and give myself a day to be sore.  I think the goal will be to lift at least 3 or 4 times a week and try to do yoga on my off-days.  I looked at the kickboxing program tonight, but it seemed not what I'm used to.  The 2 girls in class were off to the side doing their own thing and I thought that was sorta weird....maybe they were new?  I surely hope so.

Paleo is back on and that's going fine.  I don't feel like I need to detail that as much.  It's not hard to do anymore.  Working from home means I won't be tempted to eat out and I can make whatever I want.  

I know in my last post before Christmas I detailed my last measurements.  Right before the holidays I hit my lowest weight of 130 lbs.  <-- Yes, that is not a typo.  I never thought I would be 135, let alone 130.  Taking a break from paleo over the holidays was a good thing but when I realized that I had "gained" 6 lbs I was freaking out a bit.  In typical fashion, I probably overreacted because a couple of days of better eating and I was back to 133.  

I'm not sure in what posts I wrote goals from last year, but from the ones I can remember I didn't do so bad.  Push-ups happened and making progress on lifts happened.  I also discovered a bunch of other things I liked....kickboxing and yoga. I do miss Crossfitting...there's really nothing like the feeling I have after I finish a WOD that kicks my butt.  I may have to do some dropping in at WCCF occasionally.  I also discovered during the year that I loved kickboxing.  I hope that I can find a way to work that in sometimes because I feel like it was a good way to relieve some stress.  I'm glad to be back lifting again...losing strength felt weird.  I'm continuing to do yoga and I'm really liking that.  Paleo has gotten easy.  I do need to work more on drinking water and taking vitamins.  I haven't been very disciplined with that stuff.  

I'll work on my list of goals for this year and try to update with some pictures.  As nervous as those make me to post, I've always gotten a bunch of encouraging responses from them so its not so bad.  

Until next time!!

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  1. Woot! Good work! I had my first day at Conviction on Saturday and boy let me tell were smart to take it easy. I thought I did that...but it still hurt to walk yesterday! Back at it today!