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Friday, January 18, 2013

There's a first for everything...

I had a VERY empty calendar today and still managed to put off going to the gym until 5:00 pm.  I did accomplish some work, though, and even straightened out some insurance stuff for my new it wasn't a completely wasted day.  :)  Working from home is so far amazing.  I'm actually looking forward to being more busy as I need to start working on my discipline of getting up and getting things done.  

First things first, I need to go to the gym BEFORE I do other things.  Otherwise it falls into the "okay, I'll go at 2"...."no, I'll go at 3" ...."4 is still okay" thing and before I know it I don't want to go.  You would think by now I could train myself to remember how good I feel after I go and maintain that?  I'm a work in progress.

So, I went outside to drive myself over to Conviction and when I remembered how sweet my parking spot was I decided to take the bus.  Am I a true city girl now that I actually make decisions based on where my car is parked and how happy I am with it?  I think so.  ;) After the gym, I walked home because I was feeling good.  

The workout for today (which I steal btw...don't think I'm taking credit for making shit up because I'm not):

Hang Snatch:  

  • 50% x 2 = 15 lbs
  • 60% x 2 = 20 lbs
  • 70% x 1 = 27 lbs
  • 75% x 1 = 32 lbs
  • 80% x 1 = 37 lbs
I just realized as I was typing that I snatched from the ground and not the hang.  Oh well.  I got some feedback the other day on my video from a friend that my butt was coming up too soon and so I tried to work on that today.  I took another video and I think I pretty much solved that problem.  I think I needed to start a little lower in my squat, but everything else felt great.  I snatched my 80% a couple times - just for shits and giggles.  

Hang Power Clean + Jerk:
  • 50% x 2 = 37 lbs
  • 60% x 2 = 42 lbs
  • 70% x 1 = 47 lbs
  • 75% x 1 = 52 lbs
  • 80% x 1 = 57 lbs
These went well and no pain to report from the injury a week ago.   57 lbs wasn't that heavy and I know I jerked it without really having to get too far under the weight.  

Overhead Squat - my favorites!!  
  • 50% x 2 = 22 lbs
  • 60% x 2 = 27 lbs
  • 70% x 1 = 32 lbs
  • 75% x 1 = 37 lbs
  • 80% x 1 = 42 lbs

I was really excited this was in the workout today.  I'm not sure why but this is my favorite thing to go (besides snatch).  

+ 50 sit ups

I noticed across the board that my 80% are all over half of where I was at my strongest time this spring/summer and that's encouraging!!  I hope I can be back up there or around there in a couple of months if I'm consistent.  

I need to hit up the grocery store tomorrow and return to my Sunday/Thurs cooking schedule.  The holidays threw that all off. Paleo is going fine even in spite of the fact that someone left Twix bars at my house the other day.  They are untouched.  

Okay, that's all for now - Happy Weekend everyone!! 

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