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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I've had a couple of days to think about my goals for the new year so I'm going to detail those below, but before I do let me recap what I've been up to as far as working out:

Tuesday 1/8/13:  Vinyasa  Power Yoga (1 hr)

  • Back on Black Friday, Power Yoga Chicago ran a deal where you could do unlimited yoga for $59/mo for up to one year - cancel at any time.  This seemed to good to pass up because if I went more than 3 times a month that paid for itself.  Yay!
  • Let me first start off and say that I hated yoga initially. Have you ever done HOT yoga?!  During my first experience I thought I might choke on the moisture in the air and I practically had a panic attack that I would pass out during class and everyone would think I was a huge loser.  Am I over-dramatic? Yes, of course.  That was April, and now here I am in January of the following year and I like it more all the time.  I still HATE the feeling of that much sweat on my skin, but I always feel so good after I leave class that I get over it.  :)  
  • Class gets easier all the time so I must be doing something right.  Let me just foreshadow to below where I talk about my goals that my abs are a focus.  That said, I notice that when I go to yoga and eat paleo that my abs seem flatter and more defined all the time.  This makes me happy! 
Wednesday 1/9/13: Conviction (45 mins)
  • So, I got to the gym tonight and I ran onto an old friend from WCCF that I hadn't seen in months.  I got side tracked talking to her and by the time I was done the platforms were taken.  I was going to mess around with some weights, but I will do that tomorrow and give myself another day of rest on the squats.  I am still very sore from Monday night.
  • I need to charge my iPod.  #wowIgetboredeasily
  • Here's what I did: 
    • Row:  I love to row.  I did a little bit tonight just to warm up.  I'm not sure exactly how many minutes I went but I know that my average time for 500m splits was around 2:30.  That's "average" speed when I'm not racing the person next to me.  When I really pushed it I can get it down to about 2:05 and I can maintain that for a while before I need to back it down a bit.  
    • Russian Kettlebell Swings:  I did 45 of these (3 x 15) with the 16kg kettlebell.  Nothing unusual to report here, other than a couple really stupid people walked behind me while I was doing them. 
Okay, so on to my goals.  I have some fitness ones, but also some life ones, too.

1) Goal #1 is to be less stressed. For those of you who don't know, I recently took a new job.  Just the nature of my previous position lended itself to making me stressed out.  This new position - I'm sure isn't without stress - but just a different, less intense type. In general I need to do things that make me happy and don't do things (if I can avoid them) that lead to stress.  I have always tended to be a person who does for other people and really thinks about doing for myself last.  I'm going to have to actively try to do things for myself this year and not be as concerned about the other stuff.  

2) Go on vacation.  I made a promise to myself that I would start putting a stamp in my passport every year after I went to Costa Rica in 2010.  Last year, Mark and I went to Hong Kong.  Who knows where this year will lead me, but I have a list of places that I'd like to start tackling.  Tops on my list:  Italy, Greece, Brazil, Turkey and Egypt (<-- I won't be there for a looooong time, but maybe one day.)  

3)  Abs.  I'm this close to flattening them out.  I may be a little consumed with this, but what a long way I've come in a year with this?? :)  Paleo, strength work, yoga, and some cardio ....its made a huge difference.  I will probably need to adjust my diet a little bit and maybe do another 30 strict days without dairy, but we'll see how it goes now that I'm going to be lifting again.  It's easy enough to do now if I need to.  

4) DRINK MORE WATER.  This was a goal last year and I can't really say that I made much progress with it.  I honestly do not drink much but water, but I don't drink enough of it.  Between chai lattes (I know, I know) and a little bit of whole milk, all I drink is water.  I constantly find myself feeling thirsty and I know that's a bad thing.  I should be drinking proactively, not re-actively.  Must. do. better. with. this.  

5) Okay and for my last goal...squat my body weight.  I'm guessing this is going to be a lot easier to do being 20 - 25 lbs lighter than I was last year.  I will be figuring out here soon where I stand with squats and then I'll start working towards this.  The last time I knew my "1RM" I could front squat about 50kg or 110 lbs and I was back squatting very similarly.  I doubt these were true numbers because I could do them pretty easily.  I think this should be attainable pretty soon, actually.  :)  

As promised, I will do the pictures soon-ish and if I think of anything else I'd like to add then I'll explain that out. 

Thanks for reading. :)

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