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Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday Workout

Hey everyone - hope you all had a nice weekend.  I believe that I am grateful more and more every day for a work from home job.  Monday's seem so much less horrible now.  :)  

I am trying to convince my dad to come up here soon so I can get a couple things at IKEA and then "supervise" him as he puts them together.  So far he has ignored my emails.  Perhaps he will see this and realize that his daughter cannot put together her own furniture!?!? (Hi dad!!)  I would also accompany him to a Bulls or Hawks game to make up for the stress of going to IKEA.  Seriously, that place overwhelms me so I can only imagine that he's dreading it.  

My weekend was really awesome.  I got in my karaoke fix and also a late night/early morning breakfast at the Nugget.  It's a special night when I sing the Divinyls.  I also got to spend some fun times with former coworkers on Sunday.  Good times!! :)  

I was really dreading going out in the cold today but around 5 I decided that it was time to go out.  Here was a recap of my workout:

Hang Snatch:

  • 50% x 3 = 12 lb
  • 60% x 3 = 17 lb
  • 70% x 3 = 22 lb
  • 75% x 3 (x 3) = 27 lb
All the reps felt great.

Rest 1:30 m

Power Clean/Push Press/Push Jerk:

Okay so when I read this I hoped that this mean do a power clean, do a push press and then a push jerk.  Below is a video if my heaviest successful rep.  I'm not sure what the dance party going on with my left leg in the beginning is all about....oh and umm that's a split jerk.  Whoops!!

6 sets to get to a very challenging push press....and I got through 5 before I got in my own head and couldn't clean my 6th set.  

  • 27 lbs, 32 lbs, 42 lbs, 47 lbs, 52 lbs (video), and for some reason 57 lbs wasn't happening.  I tried it twice and I bailed out on both attempts before I even got the weight near my shoulders.  It wasn't that heavy but I was psyching myself out.  
Muscle Snatch: So I had to watch a video about this on youtube today to make sure I knew what it was.  No probs here.

  • 6 sets of 3 @ 50% = 12 lbs 

Just a quick update I know I posted a few days ago about feeling a little off.  I'm feeling much better now and having so much less stress!! Whoohoo!! :)

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