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Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Recap

Since I've been going to Conviction I think it's easier for me to pass the time there with my iPod.  I am the first person to admit that I neglect that thing and I haven't * really * put any new music on it in a couple of years.  I do think that I have an adorable and eclectic little mix on there, but nothing that really makes me wanna lift like a little lady beast.  I mean don't get me wrong I can row all day to MJ's "The Way You Make Me Feel," but powering through 30 hang cleans today it just wasn't cutting it!!  So girls, what are you listening to while you're lifting?!  I need to know.  I tend to have good luck with Girl Talk...Green Day...some Foo Fighters, but nothing is really pushing me like I need it to.

Quick recap of yesterday.  I went to yoga - the 1hr 15m class.  WTF.  You wouldn't think that an extra 15 minutes would make that much difference, but that class felt like 3 hours long.  I felt good afterwards, but tired and a little sore.  I can tell that I'm stronger b/c I can stay in high plank for a considerable amount of time without feeling like I want to die and I can side plank, too.  A month ago I couldn't do either of those things very well.

Today I got up and went over to Conviction to do the regular WCCF wod.  The workout was 5-4-3-2 deadlifts and then 30 hang power cleans, 60 walking lunges and 30 cal row ....the last part for time.  I warmed up by rowing 1000 meters and then I set everything up to deadlift.  I did 5 x 60 lbs, 4 x 70 lbs, 3 x 90 lbs, and 2 x 110 lbs.  Definitely, not a max out effort.

For the timed portion, I did 10 unbroken HPC at 60 lbs - which if you follow along is 3 more lbs than I've done since returning to lifting.  I actually failed to clean and jerk 57 the other day.  So to review - 10 unbroken at 60lbs and then 10 unbroken at 50 and another 10 unbroken at 50.  :)  Walking lunges were fine and the the row was easy too.  My time was 8:30, which I was pretty happy with considering I had to change a weight and I was by myself.

My lovely friend, Katie, came over this afternoon to give me a massage, which was awesome!!  I feel so much better.  :)

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend.  I'm celebrating some birthdays and having a friend in from out of town.  Should be an awesome weekend!!

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