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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Paleo Kick Off Tomorrow

Hey everyone, exciting things happening at the gym today!  ;)  I didn't lift yesterday so I took a couple pieces of the workouts from yesterday and today to make a workout.  I took a quick video of just a regular snatch just to see how things were looking.  I look much more solid compared to 2 - 3 weeks ago.

Here's the workout from today: 
  • Snatch Complex:  2 Snatch Pull, 2 Power Snatch, 1 OHS   x 6  @ 65% of Snatch1RM
    • I did 1 set at 37 lbs, but then thought that might be a little ambitious for 6 sets. 
    • The last time I did a workout with snatch in it my 80% was 32 lbs.  I did today's workout at 32 lbs and it was challenging, but very do-able.  I was pretty excited, especially b/c I power snatched that weight easily.   
    • So just to recap just in case that was confusing....1 set @ 37 lbs and 5 sets at 32 lbs
  • Jerk Complex:  3 push press, 1 jerk  x 6 @ 75% of C&J1RM
    • I used 40 lbs for all of the sets.  This was challenging and I was tempted to go down a little in weight, but I didn't. :)  Yay!!
  • Front Squat:  3 x 5 @ 75%
    • I went a little light on these sets and continued to use 40 lbs.  I think I should have been at around 50, but I was exhausted from the other lifts.  My form was good and I didn't break the plane of my back like I tend to do sometimes.
As I mentioned, I will post my measurements and weight tomorrow.  I will do my best to document my food and not to be tempted to eat DMK every day. :)  The other thing I was thinking of doing for fun was a little outfit of the day action if I was wearing something particularly cute. That has absolutely nothing to do with paleo, but a couple other blogs I do it and it seems kinda fun.  It also makes me actually try to recreate some of the outfits I pin on Pinterest.  

Alright, gotta run!  :)  

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