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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Finally broke 143!!! :)

I was up early this morning due to some phone calls.  Before I managed to get back into bed for another couple of hours I weighed myself - 143.6 lbs. I don't think that I've been this weight since maybe 2007?  Its almost unbelievable to think that since January 1, 2012 I've lost almost 10 lbs.  :)  Motivation is feeling good today!!

I missed the 9 am OLY wod this morning because I had gone back to bed (as I mentioned above).  I drug myself out of bed for the 11 am class even though I tried to talk myself out of going.  My motivation had a minor blip there, but it returned once I got to WCCF.  The wod had a couple of parts:

  • Take 10 minutes to find your heavy triple for cleans
    • I started at 55 lbs and found my heavy triple at 75 lbs.  I pretty much knew were I was going to be with that so it didn't take me very long.  That might be my heaviest clean that I've done so far.  (So, this is definitely up more than 10 lbs from last month.)
  • 7 rounds as fast as possible:
    • 5 deadlifts (185 lbs was RX, but we did 100 lbs)
      • This part sorta sucked.  My form went to shit about 4 or 5 rounds into it.  100 lbs might have been a little bit ambitious for me today.  I know that my shoulders were rounding towards the last few reps.  
    • 5 box jumps (20")
      • These were fine.  I didn't feel winded when doing them at all. :)
  • 3000 meters of rowing - relay style
    • We decided to break it up into 250 m chunks and this seemed to be very manageable.  I love to row so this part was easy for me.
  • Overall time for the deadlifts, box jumps + row:  22:20

Here's a run down of food from yesterday:
Breakfast: eggs with veggies and spinach, coffee with heavy cream
Lunch: Chipotle salad with pork, fajita veggies, mild salsa and guacamole
Snack: banana
Dinner:  piece of steak and avocado

Today I think I"m going to make the paleo chili if I can get the meat un-thawed.  I forgot to pull it out last night before we went to bed.  Oops!  Also on tap for today is running a few errands and then picking Mark up at the airport.

Happy Saturday everyone!!!

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