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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What do you want first? The good news or the bad?

I'll start with what I consider the bad news.  I've been on a motivational skid since we came home from Atlanta.  I've felt guilty about food and its caused a ripple effect with CF.  I skipped CF last night because I was tired.  (In all honesty, I did sleep almost 12 hours last night so that was really true.)  I've been tired on other nights, though, and still gone.  I told myself (and Mark) that I would get up and go early this morning as I had a late day at work.  However, 6:30 am came and went and I stayed in bed.  Bottom line here:  I'm in a little funk.  I'm scared to weigh myself.  I'm struggling with motivation.  I'm hypercritical over the lingering "food baby" that I think I have from the weekend.  I'm over analyzing my food choices now.  We haven't been to the grocery store since Atlanta and I'm stressed over having to go out for food.  Ahhhhhhh!

Here's a run down of my food for yesterday and so far today:

Monday Breakfast:
spinach eggs
coffee with heavy cream

Monday Lunch:
2 spinach sausages
apple slices
handful of almonds

Monday Dinner:
2 sausage sliders (I know, surprising huh?)
(I would have snacked more, but I fell asleep.)

Tuesday Breakfast:
.....2 sausage sliders

Tuesday Lunch:  (Lunch was light because I had just eaten breakfast at home.)

Tuesday Dinner:
*hasn't happened yet

So, here's for the two pieces of good news.  First, this morning I didn't have to work until later and I took the opportunity to try on a pair of skinny jeans that I haven't even though of wearing since like 2007. (Erinn, they are the skinnies from H&M that I had to have because you had them!!)  They fit!! I'm so excited to wear them on Friday you have no idea!!  As with most of my pants right now, they are super loose in the waist and they fit in the legs.  I'll take it though!! It felt soooooo good when they got on and zipped.

The second thing was that a friend of ours from Atlanta texted me today that she's doing paleo.  I thought it was so cool that she was going to give it a try.  She told us a lot over the weekend that we look really good and even though I get embarassed about that stuff it was really awesome to hear.  They don't see us very often so we must have looked pretty different.  I'm excited to talk to her about how things are going as she gets started. 

Tomorrow morning I'll drag myself to CF because I haven't been in a couple of days.  I hope its a fun wod. 

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