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Sunday, February 5, 2012

I cheated on the caveman.

We just got home from a super fun weekend in Atlanta.  I went into the weekend intending to maintain the paleo thing except maybe to branch out with drinks.  I was getting tired of wine and it always gives me the worst headache the next day no matter if I have one glass or one bottle.  Friday night we went to Yeah! Burger as soon as we got into town.  I'd never been before, but it was soooooo good.  If you've never been there before, its basically set up to be ordered in steps - type of meat, bun/no bun, toppings, sauces, etc.  I ordered a grass-fed burger with no bun.  For toppings I chose an egg, avocado, pickles and cucumbers (and ketchup).  I'm in love with this place.  Thank god there isn't one in Chicago or I'd want to eat there every day.  Its really cheap, too!! 

So, here we are on Saturday - the day the food of Atlanta seduced me.  After Crossfit we went to a little place to pick up some breakfast stuff.  There were zero paleo options so I resigned to cheating a little.  I picked a sausage + egg wrap with avocado.  It seemed like the best option of the choices I had (muffins, croisannts, bagels, etc).  Satruday afternoon with Allison at the Corner Pub in Little 5 Points I had a hawaiian salad, which I thought was a good choice and wasn't cheating at all.  It was really good, which is a huge compliment from me as I think most salads are really boring. I wish mimosas were paleo as I had 2 of them! For dinner I ordered a burger from R. Thomas without a bun.  It came with mushrooms and avocado.  ....That was a good choice on my part, but the wings that Mark ordered as an appetizer weren't.  I'm sure the sauce contained something that wouldn't count and if not that, I dipped them in ranch.  The rest of the evening contained strays from paleo.....more mimosas, beer, and Fellini's pizza.  I had a total "food baby" when I went to bed and I was feeling pretty guilty about it.  Today, I started off with a sausage and mushroom omelet and a few potato wedges.  We made a road trip to a Brazilian store and Maurce bought some fried goodies.  Everyone was taste testing them so I had a few bites, too.  They were amazing, but I only took a couple of bites.  Mark and I ate dinner back in Chicago at La Cuidad.  At this point, I know that I have to get myself back on track so I ordered fajitas (no tortillas).  The food was incredible and I think we would definitely go back!

I've had mixed feelings about my choices, I go back and forth in feeling guilty and not.  I know that its not realistic to never falter from it and its not as though I have zero willpower.  So, in this instance I think its ok and I'll be back on track and continuing to make progress this week.  I was 144.8 as of Friday.  In order not to punish myself in case I've gained a little weight, I won't weigh myself until next weekend.  I have to say though I can definitely tell a difference in how my body feels on those foods.  I just don't feel as good or as full on them.

Mark, Maurice and I went to CF on Saturday.  It was an interesting wod  -  50 squats, broken up into varied sets of 10.  You could choose your own weights for each set, but I stayed pretty consistent.  The first 10 was slow....20 seconds total for your round trip up and down. The second set was bottom to bottom squats. The third set called for holding the bottom position for 10 seconds before returning up.  The fourth set made you do 10 squats with eyes closed and the final set was explosive squats.  I was pretty consistent with my weights as I mentioned with 55 lbs being used for all of them.  My quads are sooooooo sore today so I'm very happy with how I lifted.  I'm totally ready for the wods this week at WCCF. 

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