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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Return to Zumba and 2 Exciting Pieces of News

I had the wrong idea today that Zumba would be a "piece of cake" because I'm a *ahem* Crossfitter now and I did it for solid year before we moved into the city.  About 30 minutes into it I looked for the clock and I was desperately hoping that it was 11:50 and we'd be cooling down soon.  [Insert face of disappointment here]  Honestly, the hour went pretty fast and it was fun, but I couldn't help but notice that my cardio ability was not as great as I'd hoped.  By the time a year had passed when I was doing it in the burbs I would dance my heart out for an hour and it hardly phased me.  In Crossfit we are doing some cardio activities, but just different things and for much shorter durations typically.  Rest is built into a lot of workouts.  I think I will probably try to keep up with Zumba to keep this piece going.  The challenge is how do I find time for CF and also yoga and Zumba? On a side note, I was a bit nervous about going to class this morning - the whole new girl who doesn't know the routines thing.  However, I think that I did pretty well on the fly and for being front and center in class.  :)

This post seems like it will be a bit sporadic because I have lots of things to comment on.  I'll jump to weighing myself.  As you know, I didn't do any CF this week and I had to do the best I could with paleo at Starved Rock and at my parents' house.  I'm happy to say that I weighed myself this morning and I was 142.6.  I maintained and that's awesome!!  I will be very glad to get back into swing of things with the gym again this week and then do my best to do some physical activity while I'm in China.

So for the 2 exciting pieces of news which are gym related:
1)  I did NOT ONE, BUT TWO 100% boy push-ups today in a row.  :)
2)  I've noticed that my legs no longer touch when I'm standing with my feet together - clothed or not.

I went to Whole Foods this morning post Zumba to stock up on some things for the week.  It was an expensive trip because I tried to get some things that were pre-cut, pre-packaged, and easy as I know this week is going to be hectic.  In terms of snacks I got some fruit and some veggies to supplement the nuts I had bought to take on the retreat.  For dinners I got some grass-fed buffalo meat (for burgers), a piece of salmon (You read that correctly, Mark), and some chicken breasts.  I also picked up some frozen veggies.  Simple is best for me right now.

I ran onto this article recently...maybe WCCF posted it? or I found it somewhere?  I can't remember. Why Women Need Fat  I was reading it more thoroughly this morning.  Maybe give it a look if you're struggling with the idea that you have to eat fats (omega 3, specifically).  I know this was something that I couldn't really wrap my brain around last spring.

I'm making the trip to Hong Kong this weekend to hang out with Mark.  I'm incredibly nervous about going for some reason.  I'm excited to get there, but its the travel part that is stressing me out.  As a friend suggested to me this morning I'll need to take a Tylenol PM when I get on the flight and sleep so that I'll be more in sync with HK time when I get there.  I hope that works because I don't want to waste a lot of time with jet lag.

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