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Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Jeans Saga: Part 1 and Thoughts from My Mom

Jeans shopping  s-u-c-k-s.   (Its right up there with swimsuit shopping.)  Its easier to shop for jeans when you have plenty of normal options, but stores are full of cheap and tacky looking options right now.  Rips, fades, washes, and bedazzling - oh my!  Not to mention the ultra super low rise option?  My mom called them "Vagina Jeans" because your crack woudln't be the only thing showing if you wore them.  ;)  

Friday night I propositioned my mom to head into Peoria to shop.  She agreed and so we decided to start at Gordman's (because I didn't want to spend $$$$$ for jeans that might not fit me for too long) and if that didn't work - Bergners and maybe the Gap.  Gordman's was a joke.  Nothing even worth trying on.  Next stop - Kohls.  To my surprise they are now carrying Rock and Republic jeans which looked promising.  No luck.  Finally, we ended up at Bergners where I tried on a couple of Guess pairs and one Jessica Simpson pair.  I wasn't feeling confident about either, but to my surprise the Jessica Simpson pair worked.  They were $60 and I thought that was reasonable for a pair that I might not fit into if I lost much more weight. 

Backing up to my arrival at my parent's house I was showing my mom my need for new pants by pointing out the roominess in the waistband.  She didn't say anything there, but as soon as we go in the car she said that my face is very thin.  "You should probably stop losing weight"  she added.  I understand the concern about weight loss - afterall, I was the first person to tell Mark that I thought maybe he needed to stop.  However, I still think there are changes to be made - without dropping tons of weight.  I still have "problem areas" and I have high hopes that those will change.  It's not my goal to weight 135 lbs and be stick thin.  It's my goal to weigh what I will, but to decrease my body fat and increase muscle. 

Food recap from Friday - now:

Friday Brunch:
Scrambled Eggs

Strawberries with Almond Butter

Chili Colorado fajitas (minus the tortillas)
*chips and salsa (my mom made me)

Saturday Breakfast:
Scrambled Eggs
Coffee with Skim Milk (all they had here)

I looked into signing up for yoga tomorrow morning, but the classes and the waitlist are full.  I think I'll try Zumba again and then get back into CF this week.  I'll weigh myself when I'm back home in Chicago so I can use the same scale. 

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