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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Almost finished our month!

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Now on to the post for the day:

I'm proud to say Erica got through her first month on Paleo with very minimal misses. If I wanted to be super strict about it, I think the only things I could really give her a hard time for would be the dairy with her coffee (she mostly used heavy whipping cream), some butter, alcohol (wine), and chewing gum. I can't recall any other instances of "non-compliance" but if I did, I would be the pot calling the kettle black. I def had a whopper from BK last sunday night (which I did admit to) and I am sure I slipped a few other times this month. I had potatoes this weekend with breakfast as well... So my point was that as intimidating as paleo can be... One month of it really wasn't too terrible. And I am proud of her for getting through it.

I am looking forward to seeing our results from it. Our training this month consisted of almost solely Olympic weightlifting. I don't think we did too many regular CrossFit WODs and the only other thing I did would have been a few days of BJJ in there.

I don't feel super different from it. I know I lost weight, but I don't feel all these great things that a lot of people seem to feel when they get through the challenge. Maybe it's because I wasn't 100% strict... Or maybe I'm just not aware enough of the fine details. Was I just not that "sick" before? Am I pretty gluten and dairy tolerant? As I said, I know I leaned out, but was the cause simply running a caloric deficit for the last month or was it the low carbs or the clean eating?

These are questions I still have about the whole paleo thing. From a logical perspective, the diet makes sense. The science behind it seems mostly reasonable. But I just haven't had this eye opening experience with it. So I'm conflicted...

But that wasn't supposed to be the point of this post. The point is I am excited that we were able to set a goal and stick to it. It's not an easy thing for me to do (Insert self-diagnosed ADD/laziness etc here). I know Erica doesn't think she quite did enough, or could have done more, but she really has. In just a month she's made phenomenal progress at the gym. Again, all of that without doing much "cardio" or metabolic conditioning. Just picking up heavy weights and eating healthy. I don't think we ever really felt like we wrecked ourselves at the gym nor do I think we ever felt like we were starving.

I think the next step will be to continue in this paleo adventure for a bit. Maybe tinker with the formula. I want to start programming a linear progression program (Starting Strength from the seminar a couple weeks ago) so I am planning to reintroduce dairy and start drinking a LOT of whole milk... Google GOMAD and you'll see what I mean.  Now this may be a bit of overkill in the reverse direction from where I was and what I was preaching about in a previous post... but its my conscious decision to try this. If it makes me feel like crap or I don't like the results, I can easily stop and revert back to my normal paleo ways.

I know the one thing I don't want is to put on another useless 10 lbs like I did this past summer. This time, it's at least going to come from training my ass off.

I'm hoping that tomorrow Erica will let me post the before and after pictures... I can't wait to see the comparisons!

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