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Friday, January 13, 2012

Stuffed Green Peppers

In a few minutes we'll know how my stuffed green peppers turned out....hopefully just as good as the dish I made the other night!!  Since we moved in together, Mark has done 99.9% of the cooking and maybe that's because he's afraid I suck at it? I think there are several dishes that I do well, but when I was living alone I was just never motivated to make anything complicated.  Making paleo recipes has been pretty fun, so hopefully I can expand my skills.

Today's food was okay.  We didn't get up in time to have breakfast like we usually do, so I had some coffee.  I had a banana when I was driving and a few strawberries in the morning before lunch.  Lunch was a cobb salad from Elephant and Castle.  When I started cooking around 7 tonight I had a beef jerky stick as a snack.  .....and now we wait for the peppers. 

I didn't get home from work tonight in time to go to Crossfit, but that's okay.  I'll still have been at least 4 times this week by Sunday.  We bought yoga groupons today - 20 classes for $40 bucks.  We will definitely try to do yoga most Sundays or maybe on nights during the week that we take off from Crossfit.  I'm kind of excited about the classes!  I took a few random yoga classes earlier this fall and I liked it.  (Also, this gives me an excuse to buy more cute stuff from Lululemon!)

I'll probably weigh myself tomorrow morning.  I'm not exactly sure what to expect, but I'm going to stay optimistic.  A lower number would definitely help me keep up my motivation!

I do not think Erica sucks at cooking at all. She's actually pretty damn good and I should let her cook more. But I guess it just works out the way it does. I don't mind. I enjoy cooking. Especially in the crock pot. 

The peppers turned out well. I think grass fed beef was probably a poor choice for the meat, I would probably try to use like an italian sausage next time. We used the recipe from Paleo Comfort Foods (written by my friends Jules and Charles down in ATL) but subbed in grass fed beef.  All in all it was a good meal. We have two left over still too!

Lunch today for me was probably not really paleo at all unfortunately. I went to Ronny's Steakhouse in the loop and got a grilled salmon Caesar salad. I forgot to hold the cheese and dressing and the salmon came with a bit of teriyaki on it. Oh well. Throughout the day I snacked on some beef sticks from US Wellness and some almonds.  I like the sticks... They were sorta like a slim jim except they actually tasted like meat and were fresh... Not stuffed full of preservatives. For breakfast I got an omelette from one of the places in the food court next to my office. It was eggs, tomato, pepper, onion, mushroom and sausage.  I don't know what they cooked the omelette in (prob some sort of veg/soy oil) and the sausage prob didn't qualify as paleo but I made do with what I could.

Didn't get to go to CF in time tonight cuz I had to make a whole foods run and prep a 4.5lb pork shoulder for the Meat-Luck at CF tomorrow morning... I used this recipe. I didn't have all the spices so I improvised with some crushed red pepper, extra cumin, black pepper and cilantro. I also used a leftover pepper from erica's recipe and just diced it and added it in. We'll see how it turns out tomorrow!

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