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Sunday, January 8, 2012

The cavemen had nachos right? ;)

Happy Sunday everyone!  We've been Paleo for a week now and I'm happy to report that the first week went by with no real issues.  My cravings for bad things subsided over the past few days.  I still want things, but its much easier to push them out of my mind now than last weekend.  My motivation is high from weighing myself yesterday, but I have to make sure that I keep in mind that 4 lbs a week is not going to be sustainable - nor do I want that.  Ideally, I'd like to be 140 - 145lbs and in shape, not rail thin.  I'll post an old picture from high school sometime and you can see that super skinny is not sexy.  I got to catch up with an old, but dear, friend from high school last night.  I am so happy that I got a chance to see her because it seems like we only get the chance to every couple of years.  (Miss and love you lots, Marsh!) We're going to the Blackhawk's game tonight to see them beat the Red Wings, too!  Mark bought us the tickets back in September.  I just commented to him that we have to eat before we go because I'll want to eat bad food.  ....because...cavemen had nachos, right?  (See what I did there?  *hehe*)   So, all in all, a pretty good weekend! :)  I hope you guys who are checking out the blog are finding it somewhat enjoyable.  I'm enjoying it because it makes me accountable.

Here's my food and workout info for the rest of the weekend so far:

Dinner, last night with Mark's parents:
- shrimp (with a TINY bit of cocktail sauce for taste only)
- steak
- 1/2 a sweet potato (with a TINY bit of butter and cinnamon)
- steamed broccoli
- 2 glasses of white wine

Drinks with Marcia and Ryan:
- 1 glass of reisling

Lunch today:
- squid curry (no rice, extra veggies)
(I was a bit nervous about curry, but this dish ended up to be really good.  Its something I would order again, even if I wasn't eating paleo.  I totally recommend Tac Quick on Sheridan!)

Workouts - We did not Crossfit today.  I was going to check out Zumba, but we ended up having to run some errands this morning, so next Sunday I will definitely do that.

Mark and I are sharing this post, so I'll let him take over now....

Well the blackhawks unfortunately lost but we survived the temptation to eat any nachos, beer, or other fun hockey game foods.

Now its a quick snack of some not quite paleo buffalo jerky and almonds for me and some chicken and guac for Erica.  

Today was a challenge for me though. I was getting a ton of cravings for not so good foods... When I'm stressed I like to eat tasty food and this last week has been kinda blah at work. So some of the food at the game tonight was looking especially tempting. 

The Thai place Erica and I went to for lunch was probably my favorite in Chicago so far.  I had the massaman curry with beef and extra veggies in lieu of rice.  It was quite good.  I don't consider myself a connoisseur and I've never been to Thailand but I know what I like and what I don't.  My favorite Thai place is still Panita Thai Kitchen in Atlanta. It's the best kept secret in the Virginia Highlands!

CrossFit went pretty well this week I think. I still feel like I have a long way to go to recover my previous performance. I also need to do a better job logging my workouts. As you've seen Erica logs her results and I usually just have a description of how I felt. I will be better about that from this week on.

We didn't get a chance to plan out meals this week or grocery shop. We have enough in our fridge to get through tomorrow but we have to hit up Whole Foods tomorrow night and stock up for the week. We'll keep you posted on what we decide to make.

We may try this as our new format where we both blog in the same post. It will at least keep me posting more often. 

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