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Monday, January 16, 2012

Love 3-day Weekends :)

Well, I'll start with the cool new first.  I weighed myself again - I have no idea why - and I was 144.6 today.  With my perma-smile plastered on my face, I went shopping.  I had a ton of errands to run and gift cards to spend that I got for Christmas/Bday.  I started at Anthropologie on Southport and ended up at Woodfield.  For shopping fuel, I had a coffee and a little bit of fruit in the morning.  (Mark had to work and I was lazy, so no eggs for me.)  Before I went home I ran by Whole Foods to get some things for the week.  I'm starting to feel like we live there!  When I got home I snacked on a little bit more fruit - mango and strawberry and some of the pulled pork from the MeatLuck. (So much for cutting back on fruit today!)   For dinner I had a chicken breast with some seasoning that Mark made before he left for jiu jitsu.  It was really pretty good for what it was. 

So back to the scale....I'm sure it goes without saying that my motivation is back up!! Whooo hooo!!  I have to try to let this just be a one time thing and not check it daily.  When I was shopping I was looking for new jeans and some work pants, but I only ended up with a pair of skinny black pants (a la Audrey Hepburn).  For jeans, I couldn't decide what size to get because I seem to be between a 10 and an 8, therefore I think I'll wait until I'm plateauing.  Also, I need to do some research for pants that are hip conscious.  No complaints from me, though, I am soooo happy to be able to shop for smaller clothes!!

I am going to Crossfit tonight, with some mods for the overhead work.  My shoulder isn't terribly sore today, but I know I'll just re-aggravate it, even if I lift light.  I'm thinking I should take this week off and then try to strengthen my shoulder like Mark has been suggesting. (Note:  No shoulder pain when I lifted tonight.)

Tonight's OLY WOD:
Snatch: 50% x 3, 60% x 3, 70% x 3, 75% x 3, 70% x 3
Hang Clean, but I subbed OHS instead:  same percentage scheme
Front Squat : same percentage scheme but x 5's, not 3's
5 x 5 hurdle hops @ 28"
3 x :30 s planks

Tonight, I felt great lifting.  This might have been one of my favorite nights, minus the night I PR'd with my front squat.  For snatch, I was still right around 38 lbs for my 75% reps.  I felt pretty good doing them, even when Cori tweaked my movements a bit.  I didn't get into my head and forget everything.  Overhead squats went awesome.  Cori guestimated that my 1RM might be around 60 lbs, so I started doing that and low and behold, its probably much more.  My 75% reps were at 57 lbs and they were easy.  Front squat also went really well.  My 75% reps were about 88 lbs.  (Before Christmas my 1RM was 92 lbs)  So, I'm sure I can squat much more than that now if I can do 5 reps without too much trouble.  :)  I am very happy with how things went tonight with the heavy lifting.  Hurdle hops were no problem and neither were the planks.  I also did 10 pull-ups with the light green band before I left.

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