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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wearing high heels = workout of the day?

I had to attend the Des Plaines, IL Mayor's Address today, so breakfast consisted of eggs and sausage patties.  I know they weren't grass fed, but the best I could do.  I will say that I didn't even bat an eye when I couldn't have french toast or a bagel.  I washed it down with some water and a little bit of coffee with cream.  For lunch I had a piece of left over steak from last night and an orange, but later on in the day snacked on a bunch of rainbow peppers.  I haven't made myself anything for dinner yet (I'm home alone tonight), but I did have banana while I was checking my emails and Facebook.

I was going to make deviled eggs, but add avocado to the yolk part, but now that Mark is leaving for the weekend I will probably wait so he can have some, too.  We'll see though, I might be really bored and just make them anyways.  (Sorry babe, I promise to think of you while I'm doing it!)

As I mentioned above, seeing certain foods aren't bothering me anymore.  There has been lots of candy at the office lately and I haven't even thought about taking any.  Its funny to me that the hardest things to give up have been milk and orange juice.  Having the Keurig has been nice to keep me from wanting OJ in the mornings and I've just had to push milk out of my mind when we're places where its an option.  Sushi has sounded good, especially I've we've driven by my favorite places.  I guess my point is that this really hasn't been that hard to eat better and while there are a few things I will look forward to being able to have - in moderation - I am not missing too much.

I took a night off from Crossfit, but I wore high heels today, so I'm going to consider that my WOD.  ;)  I never wear heels anymore so its an awkward "workout" when I do.  Sometimes I can't believe that a few years ago I wasn't happy unless I was wearing 3" or more.  Now its like....where the hell are my Uggs?!  Even though I worked late, I needed a rest day today.  I'll probably go to CF tomorrow and Saturday.  I'll have to see the workouts before I decide if I'll do the OLY wod or the regular one.  I've been to OLY a lot lately so doing some cardio stuff might be a nice change.  We'll see.

Before I sign off, I gotta say that I'm very excited to weigh myself on Saturday.  I'm not sure what to expect because I have been lifting a lot, and a little more on the heavy side, but anything below or around 144 would be fantastic.  Fingers crossed!!

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