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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sorry I've been lax...

Erica has done a much better job updating that I have so far.

Since we'll mostly be eating the same dishes, I will probably keep it brief on those posts to avoid double posting.  But I will link to recipes I use or other references for Paleo lifestyle.

This is probably my 10th venture into starting paleo eating. I always have a hard time sticking to it and usually only last a couple weeks at most. I guess it's cuz I enjoy my junk foods, and don't always "feel" a difference in my training. My weight also usually hovers around the same number too so I never thought much about eating what I want (because I could and those foods taste so good). Over the summer I put on about 8 lbs that I haven't been able to lose again yet though. I chalk it up to said diet and a lot of travel for work. My training has also been a lot more inconsistent than it used to be and that's been very frustrating as well.

The only time I completed a full Paleo diet challenge was last spring. I went for 45 days as part of BTB Fitness's BTB45 challenge. I felt like I had a good combination of eating right and training consistently and made decent gains in my baseline workout, which happened to be the CrossFit staple "Diane" (21-15-9 225lb Deadlift, Handstand Push Up). I know my weight didn't change much, but I was also only weighing about 160# at that point and I felt a lot better about that.

I also think I can be a lot more strict/smart about it than I was last time. I probably ate too much dark chocolate and too many almonds and other nuts. Dark Chocolate, though usually allowed on paleo, is tricky because so many variations are labeled dark chocolate. It can range from who knows what amounts (maybe 40%?) of cacao to 100%. Of course what ever wasn't cacao was sugar and other processed crap so that probably defeated the whole purpose. This time, I am going to try to cut it out completely (if possible) and also try to go more for the pastured and grass fed meats. Last time I used a lot of conventional meats, usually from Sam's Club or the Dekalb Farmer's Market in ATL. I have some conventional meat in my freezer that I will finish up by the end of the weekend so hopefully we can transition to more grassfed meats from here til Feb 1.

So my goals this time are as follows (these can also double as New Year's Resolutions too):

  1. Eat as strict as possible for the next 4 weeks (since we're on day 3, that's about 30 days) and maintain some good standard after.
  2. Train CrossFit/Olympic Lifting 3-4x a week.
  3. Train BJJ 2-3x per week.
  4. Drill Drill Drill techniques for both gyms.
  5. Mobilize daily using techniques from
  6. Keep posting to this though out our training.
  7. Work on setting some attainable life goals and developing plans to accomplish them.

I'll post some more links and what not later but some of the best primer info can be found on


Til next time...

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