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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

You can blame me! ;)

Well you can officially thank me for the blast of cold air coming later this week.  I cooked and therefore, hell will be freezing over! ;)  A week or so ago, I found a recipe for sweetheart sea scallops.  Mark said that if I wanted it, I'd have to cook it. The pressure was on tonight for it to turn out well.....and.....drum roll please.....I think I rocked it!!  Click Here for Recipe!!  Working backwards to log my food today, I had an orange and a couple of pieces of chicken lunchmeat after work, a bison burger with the sauteed mushrooms/onions and blueberries for lunch, a hard boiled egg as a morning snack, and an egg scramble with sausage and green pepper for breakfast.  I had a little bit of coffee this morning with some cream, but I didn't even make a dent in my travel cup after I left the house. 

Even though I was tired, we Crossfitted today.  The WOD was:

4 sets as fast as possible:
  • 5 hurdle hops
  • 12 burpees
  • Rest 3 mins
4 sets @ 95% for 40 secs - rowing

Even though I wasn't loving the WOD while I was doing it, that means it was probably doing something.  Even after the warm up my ass hurt from pistols.  (Pistol = 1 leg squat)

Before I sign off, I'll just say that it was an incredible day today for January 10th.  We have been so spoiled with good weather this winter!!  :)  Thanks, Chicago!

So I'm gonna start from dinner and work my way backwards... Dinner was awesome. It was probably the best paleo meal I've had ever. Really it was that good! Erica picked a good recipe and did a fantastic job making it. I was surprised how sweet the red onions were and they really made a good sweet dish. I think I need to let Erica do more of the cooking!

The WOD tonight was ok. I didn't keep track of my results but all of my rounds had to be under 45 seconds.  I do not understand the need for the rest periods built into the WOD.  Sometimes I'd prefer a longer duration met-con than these shorter ones.  esp when the rest is > 3:1.  I do not understand programming theory well enough at this point to understand the need for such rest, but a lot of the WODs at WCCF seem to follow a similar format to today's or yesterday's. I'm not criticizing it I would just like to understand the methodology for it. It's on my list of things to ask about.

Lunch was the leftovers from dinner last night and it was almost even better reheated. I was telling Erica that I could probably eat some variation on ground beef recipes almost all month. It's the cheapest grass fed meat to buy so it's not a bad idea.... Of course that was until Erica made tonights dinner. Now I'm not so sure.

Breakfast was the basic scramble Erica mentioned above. I think I want to try branching out into other breakfast ideas. We bought a cupcake tray to make some quiche like breakfast things. I'd also like to try to make a few other things like maybe steak and eggs or even just non traditional meals.

We have a few more dishes to make this week and I still have to come up with something for the meat-luck party this weekend at WCCF but I think I'm gonna make this.  Yum!!

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