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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Zumba, Links, and Another Weigh In

I drove over to Ballroom Dance Chicago this morning - ready to shake what my momma gave me.  (Judging by the size of my butt...I have more than one mother.)  ;)  However, when I got there it was just me and the instructor AND there was a leak from the ceiling that had splattered water all over the floor.  The instructor said that she'd get a hold of me for next week and apologized.  I was bummed.  Zumba was something that I had fallen in love with when I was living in the suburbs.  I loved it because I would dance my little heart out and never think twice that it was exercise. Now with Crossfitting so much, I was just looking to mix things up.  I think a travel WOD will have to happen today because I've had a few days off now.

Interesting Link: Why Girls Should Crossfit

I cooked like crazy this morning after coming back to the house.  First, I cut a pork tenderloin into little medallions.  I cooked them in some coconut oil on the stove top, and then added in some sauteed peppers, onions, mushrooms, and garlic.  I didn't taste it at the time, but it smelled really good.  Three meals for the week down.  Next, I cut some pork chops into strips and cooked them.  I also cooked some red cabbage, peppers, and onions - seasoned with chili powder and taco seasoning.  I added some lime juiced and put everything together.  The mix will be served with big lettuce leaves as pork tacos.  I'm working on some avocado bacon deviled eggs right now. (I tasted....not impressed.)  There's also a salad that I made with lots of veggies.  That should take us to about Wednesday before we have to cook again.  I must say that I actually had fun today cooking.  The recipes that I used were from  I know that a couple of people were wondering where the ideas come from.  So far, that's been my favorite website for recipes - minus the scallop one from  Links:  Paleo Plan   Everyday Paleo

In the middle of all that, I made myself breakfast.  Sometimes I get stuck on making certain things if I think they're tasty.  Which means that I had a sausage slider and 2 eggs again.  :)  I sampled a deviled egg after I finished those earlier (disappointing!) and for dinner I made myself a bison hamburger with avocado.  (Which was really good!)

I weighed myself again this morning, just for fun, and I was 144.0!!  Needless to say, that made me really happy.  Progress makes me really happy.  I feel like I've been on that weight rollercoaster for such a long time and it seems like I've got a good handle on this now.  The last time I lost a lot of weight (as I blogged previously) it took me 3 months or more to lose 15 lbs.  That was actually relatively fast, but nothing like this.  This has done wonders for my continued motivation.

Okay, so...ready, set, travel WOD.

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