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Thursday, January 26, 2012


Well I didn't pass the platform portion of the Seminar this weekend. :(

On the plus side, I don't have an 8 hour exam to take!

But I am kinda bummed about it. I thought I did ok coaching. I was definitely nervous up there and I guess it showed. I was called out for overcoaching and giving too many instructions. I guess I've been out of coaching CF a lil too long. Oh well. It was still a good (albeit expensive) learning experience.

Back to to lifting on Wednesday though. I hit all my lifts and felt good on all but the squats. I tried incorporating some of the new techniques I learned this weekend and got into a few discussions with Cori over them. I think I'll keep trying them for now and we'll see if it affects anything.  I also seem to have fixed at least one issue on my snatch technique... I happened to notice that I was not jamming my arms straight during the second pull. I must have had a slight bend in them but it was enough to sap some of the power out. I say this because last night I made sure to absolutely lock my arms out and the bar just seemed to fly overhead! I mean it felt ridiculously light. Now I'm going to have to work this into snatching from the floor and probably have to work on my catch timing but hopefully its a fix to get heavier!

Anyhow, my lifts for the day were:

Clean & Jerk:
63x3, 72x3, 77x3, 77x3, 68x3
Hang Snatch:
40x3, 45x3, 48x3, 48x3, 43x3
Back Squat:
95x3, 108x3, 115x3, 115x3, 102x3

The squats were rough but I completed all of them.

Food yesterday was alright. I missed breakfast.  I need to STOP doing this. I think I"m going to just hard-boil a bunch of eggs for a go to meal if I oversleep.

Lunch was a pork taco dish that Erica made. It was good. Had some beef stix from US wellness and some almonds for a snack.  Dinner was a piece of grass fed "minute steaks" with half a big sweet potato and some greenbeans. I topped that off with a few of the avocado & bacon deviled eggs that erica made.

This morning's breack fast, Erica and I split a grass-fed polish sausage, mushroom and 5 egg scramble. I ate more of it that she did obviously, but it held me over quite well. I am just now getting hungry and going to go eat.

Will post more from today later...

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