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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lazy Saturday

 Mike's birthday party last night was fun.  At Tango Sur (ah-maz-ing) I ordered a filet mignon and potatoes came on the side.  I didn't eat them, but Mark gave me one of his sweet potatoes.  I definitely had more wine than I intended, but that's allowed so oh well.  This morning we opted to go out for breakfast and the Golden Nugget seemed like a good choice.  I ordered the smoked sausage omelet without cheese and a side of fruit.

A quick run down of yesterday's food: sausage and egg scramble, 2 burgers + avocado, blueberries and a banana

I napped at Mark's parent's house this afternoon because I slept so poorly last night.  Tonight we're having meatloaf, which Mark's mom is making.  She agreed to make a part of it without breadcrumbs to accommodate us. 

We didn't Crossfit today because I wasn't feeling up to it.  On tomorrow's workout agenda is yoga!  I think we'll hold off on Fran for another few days.  Also, tomorrow I'm going to hit up the Lululemon sale tomorrow so that'll pretty much be like exercise. :)  Oh, last night we also danced so I'll count that too!

This morning's weight was 144.8.  I was a little disappointed, but I guess I really shouldn't be.  That could be muscle?  I'm going to tell myself that to feel ok about it. 

We ran onto this link last night, pretty cute. :)
Shit Crossfitters Say

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