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Friday, January 6, 2012

My jeans that change sizes weekly to piss me off!

Contrary to the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (where the pants fit all of the girls regardless of height, weight, ass size, etc...),  I own a pair of jeans that I genuinely like that change in try and screw with me.  They are straight-legged, simple jeans from Express that I've had for about 4 years now.  When I hit my peak in weight (around 155 lbs) a couple of years ago, they still somehow fit even though they were snug.  (Awesome.) Since then, I've fluxuated from 150, to 145, and then bounced around in between there. The jeans, over that time, have been too big, too small, too tight, saggy in the butt - you name it! (Not awesome.) Towards the end of the summer the jeans were practically a second skin when I was wearing them.  How the %&#4! was this possible?!  I was skinner than 155 lbs!!!  I've pretty much avoided them from that time on for their betrayal.  Occasionally picking them out of my closet to see if we could rekindle our relationship, I would later re-think the appropriateness of wearing leggings for the 18th day in a row and put them back.  (P.S. Leggings are dependable and have not tried to cross me once.)  In need of wearing a pair of jeans again last week, I begrudgingly put them on.  They were tight, but wearable.  Today, to my surprise, when I needed to return to them after LeggingFest 2012...they were too big.  If I wasn't wearing a belt today they would be falling off me and they're looser in the legs.  Now, don't get me wrong, this is awesome, but these pants need to quit messing with me!! Let's hope that a week of strict paleo and Crossfit have worked a little magic already!

The last WOD on Fridays is at 6:30 pm.  I'd kind of like to give my shoulder a rest after last night.  I will be skipping class.

Food has been in check.  I had eggs with sausage and green pepper again and some coffee with a splash of heavy cream.  For lunch I got Chipotle.  I have zero willpower there usually, but today I ordered a salad with carnitas, mild salsa, and guacamole.  It was amazing good!  (My usual is a veggie burrito bowl with mild salsa, corn, cheese, and sour cream and typically nothing can compare to that.)  I snacked on a banana in the afternoon. After Mark gets home from CF I think he's making something with chicken.  I'll update later.

I'm tempted to weigh myself daily, but as that is not always the best indicator I'll stick to the fit of my clothes.  Once I know that I've conquered the Express denim I'm going to move on to patching things up with my Paper Denim Cloth pair that I haven't been speaking to since somewhere around 143 lbs.  ;)

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