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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

She's killin me...

Sorry I can't keep up with Erica's posts!

So where did we leave off... Yesterday I did the same CF WOD as Erica. I didn't keep track of my times, but I did the first half RX'd and half of the second couplet RX'd. I dropped to 95 lbs on the 3rd set and then back up to 105 on the 4th.  I was having a hard time feeling stable at the lock out on the push press. I guess it's what I get for being hit and miss with my training for the last few months (or six). I'm pretty frustrated with my current feel in CF and BJJ but now that I'm home more, I'm really hoping I can get into a regular training schedule between both gyms. I also need to check my ego and properly progress back up to where I used to be.

As far as food, I've been pretty good.  We had a catered lunch at work today and I stayed away from the crap and ate salad and italian sausage... Now, the dressing was "italian" but probably not olive oil, but i used only a little and hopefully it was good enough.  I highly doubt the Italian Sausage was strict paleo but it was the best option (and i did skip the bread!).  I was hungry later in the afternoon and had some left over Pollo con Salsa Roja from earlier this week along with some broccoli and cauliflower. Erica came home with some ground buffalo later this evening so we made some burgers with guacamole. They're incredibly simple and fit as paleo approved so i love having that as a quick fix meal.

We have to start planning our meals for next week. Not sure what exactly we'll make yet. Any suggestions?

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