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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Crazy Cravings

will power

control of one's impulses and actions; self-control

Today's work "retreat" at the library tested every ounce of willpower that I have to stay as strict as I can with the diet.  First, it was my job to pick up the morning goodies so that meant a stop at Panera for a bagel box and a danish for Jen.  I stood in line waiting for them to bag up my things...unfortunately right in front of all of the bad stuff.  Okay, fine, whatever.  Then, once I got to work I had to watch everyone smother their bagels in cream cheese and slowly and seductively eat them.  (Seriously, its like food porn.)  At this point in time I'm enjoying the ridiculous over priced fruit tray that I bought for myself, knowing that breakfast would not tide me over until lunch.  

Lunch arrived pretty quickly and the group decided on Italian.  I KNEW it was going to be hard to make good choices.  The online menu had salads listed so I opted for the grilled veggie salad with v/o dressing.  I also ordered an appetizer of 2 meatballs.  Kelly and I went to pick up the food and realized upon returning that a few things were missing, namely my meatballs.  As I was passing out the food to everyone I ran onto what seemed like a "normal" salad and I thought well that's not mine there are no grilled veggies.  Wrong.  It was mine and yes, no grilled veggies.  After a call to complain, one meatball showed up, but it was pathetic in size.  I picked at my salad and then finally I had to resort to eating a bit of mashed potatoes because I was starving.  (My first real"cheat" since starting the diet almost 27 days ago.)  

The afternoon sucked.  Everyone started snacking on the Valentine's cookies and the chocolate chip cookies that were provided.  This was by FAR the worst part of the day.  The potatoes really weren't holding me over.  I finished off the best parts of the fruit tray and prayed for 5 o'clock.  After a relatively light commute home I made 2 sausage sliders (seriously, they are that freakin' good) and went to Crossfit.  

For dinner we're having some steak and I'm also eating part of an avocado.

We did the CF OLY class again today.  The workout was different, which was really nice. 

Strict Press: 70%, 80%, 85%, 85%, 75% (all x 3)
  • I wasn't sure what my 1RM was so I guessed about 60 lbs. and I think I was pretty spot on.  It might be a tiny bit more, but not much.  My notebook is out in the car so I can post exact numbers tomorrow, but these felt pretty good.  No shoulder pain at all.
Hang Clean: Cori said a few sets, very light.
  • I did 1 set at 44 lbs and 4 other sets at 49 lbs.  They felt fine weight-wise, but my form is not the best yet.  When I open my hips I jump forward a bit instead of straight up.  Mark and Cori both tried to help me with it, but even my "better" ones weren't great.  Much work to do here.
Overhead Squat: 70%, 80%, 85%, 85%, 75% (all x 5)
  • These were good!  I'm really excited to be able to do as much weight as I can with this.  I knew from a couple of weeks ago that I could do 50 lbs relatively easily.  So, I worked up to that and then eventually on to 57 lbs.  Mathematically, I've estimated that my 1RM is about 68 lbs.  
Strict Chin-Ups:  5 sets x 4
So, I did 2 of my sets with the 1" blue band.  (Whootie!) The last 3 I had to add a 1/4" purple band to supplement.  (Still pretty good.)  Then, Mark came over to make me do some difficult singles.  I did 7 singles after that with about a min or 2 of rest afterwards.

Tomorrow is an off day for CF, but we're going out to dinner for Mike's birthday.  Hopefully food choices are relatively easy.  I am so close to finishing this month with very few cheats.  Also, I'm determined to be 143 before Feb 1!!! :)

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  1. Ohhh my god, I was cringing so hard reading the food craving portion of this because I experience this QUITE frequently at my work as well. And I must admit, after my 50 lb shed, I've gotten too lax with what I consume. Hence why I've started back up on tracking my consumption every day on MFP to hold myself and have others hold me accountable. I totally feel ya on this. There are days when it just gets all too...painful :/