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Monday, January 2, 2012

Last day before returning to work reality!

You know what is so screwed up?  I could drive by 10 Baskin Robbins stores a day and never want ice cream....hell, I could probably even live above one and never want ice cream.  Now that I can't eat it...I want it.  We drove by one yesterday on the way to run some errands and I could practically smell it in the car.  I also have a craving for cupcakes and when we were at the bowling alley last night it seemed like everyone around us was eating fried food.  It looked amazing.  I'm sure this will pass, but today my cravings are especially strong.  Oh and worst of all, we bought a platter of cookies to take to a NYE gathering that we didn't go to....they are sitting on the counter....staring at me.  I'm taking them to work tomorrow to get them the effffff out of here. 

As far as food goes, today I've had 2 fried eggs that Mark made me, some coffee with a little bit of heavy whipping cream, and I think we're having some steak and salad here in a minute for lunch.  I am so lucky that Mark enjoys cooking and all I have to do is enjoy eating.  :)  For dinner I had some chicken with red salsa.  I also had some fruit, and chicken with guacamole as a snack.

This morning we skipped the earlier Crossfit class because neither of us wanted to get out of bed.  I just got home from the 12:00 class.  (Mark went to get a massage because he's been wanting one for a while.)  The workout wasn't terrible:
  • Overhead squats 5 - 5 - 5 -5 -5 (rest 20 s)
  • Pull-ups 15 - 20 kipping (unbroken) - I have to modify these because I don't have this skill yet so I'll link below to what I do. (rest 3 mins)
  • AMRAP - 8 mins
    • 14 step ups
    • 7 ring dips - I modified to box dips.
For the OHS I did 35 lbs and then upped it to 40 lbs for the last 3 sets.  Weight-wise it was easy, but I have little practice with this skill so in trying to be technically sound I went lighter.  Pull-ups are frustrating.  I used a combination of 2 bands today to assist with these.  Mostly I used a fatter one that makes them easier because I wanted to be able to do 15 in a row without stopping.  When I use the green band, I can do about 5 before I have to take a break for a second.  I say this is frustrating because I know I need to use the green band to get stronger and better, but the time allowed for the workout and me not wanting to hold everything up makes me switch to black.  I'll keep working on this. 

For the amrap part I think I did really well.  I completely kept up with some people that I consider to be good Crossfitters.  I finished 6 entire rounds in 8 minutes.  :) 

Links - in case you're curious about what I'm talking about:
Windy City Crossfit -
Kipping Pull-up -
Band Pull-up -

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  1. I just got the lighter green band for my pull-ups....makes a huge difference, but I know that I am doing a closer to "real" pull-up. Still sucks though!