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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Not a lot of gas in the tank tonight...

Because I didn't post last night, I'll give you the run down on my food from yesterday first and activity.  I pretty much snacked on some fruit at my desk and in the car on the way to meet Mark after work.  We went to FlatTop Grill before the concert.  I made some stirfry with fillipino sausage, squash, onions, pineapple, mushrooms, tomatos, green pepper, and etc.  I used the garlic water sauce.  It actually turned out really well and I was very happy with my meal - even without noodles or fun sauces.  After that we went to the Bryan Adams' acoustic set at the Chicago Theater - which was pretty awesome.  He sounds amazing live.  We, again, went to bed late.  So far, I suck horribly at that resolution.  I am sleeping, on average, about 6 hours a night. 

On a related note, I saw an Eric and Kathy (101.9 The Mix) facebook post where they asked people how many hours, on average, they sleep per night.  Most people were around 4 - 6 hrs.  That scares the shit out of me that I'm probably only going to sleep less as I get older, not more.  I feel like I struggle to get all of the things that I need to get done now, let alone with kids, pets, and a house of my own in the mix. 

So, on to today.  I had a coffee from Dunkin' Donuts this morning on the way from location to location at work.  I didn't even finish it.  I didn't snack in the morning.  Around 12:30 pm I ran to Chipotle to get a salad.  I ordered it with the fajita veggies, pork, mild salsa, and guacamole.  I must say that this is growing on me.  Mark made me order it a year ago when he was on paleo and I gave him the death stare the entire time I was suffering through eating it.  Before Crossfit I had a few raspberries and a piece of turkey jerky.  I hate eating dinner so late, but Mark's making us a steak right now with some veggies and avocado.

I did the OLY wod again today because the other WOD had some movements that I thought I should stay away from until my shoulder feels better.  Our workout was:

Clean & Jerk (except I didn't do the jerk):  50% x 3, 60% x 3, 70% x 3, 75% x 3, 70% x 3
  • I did all of my sets, but even though I didn't go overhead with anything my shoulder started hurting.  Luckily by the time it was getting in the way of my movements, I was nearly done.  I felt that after Cori gave me some adjustments, things went better with this tonight.  I started from the hang and as I mentioned didn't jerk, so I was able to concentrate harder on the part that trips me up.  By the end, I think I looked pretty good, in spite of a bit of pain.
Hang Snatch: 50% x 3, 60% x 3, 70% x 3, 75% x 3, 70% x 3
  • I worked up to about 44 lbs today for my 75% which is great for me.  I liked going from the hang today and I just like this lift in general.  Its so fun to do and to watch other people do.  I'm going to link to it again in case you're unfamiliar.
Backsquat:  50% x 5, 60% x 5, 70% x 5, 75% x 5, 70% x 5
  • By the time I got here, I was exhausted physically.  I was stressed, too, so also mentally.  This didn't make for a great combo.  My 1RM is around 100 lbs, so the percentages are easy.  I made it through 3 sets and the a couple reps on my 75% ones before I just knew I needed to throw in the towel for the day.  I jumped back down to my 60% weight and did 5 more reps.
RDL: 70% x 5, 80% x 5, 85% x 5
  • Not really sure what to say about these - they were okay. 
I did a few pullups with the green band - easy stuff. Then I switched to the blue one and I can pull myself about 3/4 of the way up and then I've got nothin'.  I did 5 more pull ups with a combo of the blue band and a really skinny white/clear one.  They were do-able but challenging. 

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