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Friday, January 20, 2012

No gym thanks to the snow...

A few things kept me away from Crossfit tonight.  First, my extremely long commute home that started at 3:45 and ended at around 6:30 pm, my headache that didn't respond to any meds today, and the wod that I thought was boring.  Hopefully tomorrow's workout is more exciting.  If not, I guess I'll do the OLY wod, but I usually skip that one on Saturday's because there's so many people.  I know that I'm probably the only one that worries about holding my group up, but its always on my mind.  Being the newest OLY lifter and probably Crossfitter on that side, I'm not nearly as strong as the other girls yet.

I didn't have a chance to eat breakfast this morning, but I did eat a banana when I got to work.  For lunch, I had some turkey lunch meat and I snacked on some strawberries before I went home.  Today's food plans got majorly derailed with the snow and my unwillingness to venture out at lunchtime.  I was definitely hungry on the drive and luckily I still had some strawberries left.  The first thing I did when I got home was make myself 2 polish sausage sliders with some sauteed onions.

An after dinner nap seemed to help my headache....and probably the food did, too.  Like today, there were a few days this week when lunch didn't happen as I would like.  I'm going to make sure that doesn't happen next week.  I have to do some shopping this weekend for snacks and also for what I'm going to make on Sunday for us for the week. I wasn't motivated to look at recipes tonight, so I'll do that tomorrow after the gym.

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