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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A hickey?! Really?

Last night at the gym, I bounced the barbell off of my chest/clavicle area a couple of times as we were moving fast.  I knew it was tender, but this morning I woke up with 2 tiny bruises.  I didn't think much of it and I figured no one would notice....not true! Everyone noticed and even thought I might have hickeys.  Give me some credit people...IF I ever had a hickey I would wear a turtleneck or a scarf! ;)

I knew that I wouldn't be going to CF tonight, but I was a little disappointed because the WOD looked tough.( if you want to see it)  I worked late and then ran by Whole Foods to pick up some snacks and something else for dinner tonight.  I think the things that Mark made were great, but I was just getting bored with my 2 selections.  In the spirit of trying something new, I picked up some ground bison.  When I got home, Mark made it into patties and we ate it with guacamole and salad.  It was really good!  For breakfast, I made us some eggs and bacon.  For lunch I had some more of the chicken and salsa dish with some strawberries.  Mid-afternoon I snacked on some walnuts.  I felt pretty full until it got to be around dinner time and I knew I needed to refuel or risk impulsively wanting fast food on the way home, so I got some apple slices and pineapple at the store and went back to work.  

I'm feeling pretty tired today, but that's due to outside stress and a hectic day.  I have to go to bed to get my beauty rest so I can get up early to find an outfit that includes a turtleneck! ;)

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