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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I keep thinking of new goals to add for the year...somehow I'm going to have to put a cap on things I'm actively work on otherwise I'm going to loss track.  But for now, here are a few more things I need to work towards: 1) Drink more water, 2) Sleep more than 7 hours a night (on average), and 3) be in shape enough to buy a pair of white jeans for spring/summer.  I love to sleep, but for the past year or so I have been averaging about 6 hours a night. For a few months when Mark was still in Atlanta we stayed up late talking on the phone, but even living together hasn't really changed the time we finally get to bed.  Most days, I feel so groggy when I wake up and I always want to nap at night, but I still find myself up at midnight frequenty.  When will I learn my lesson?! :P

As far as food, it was a good day.  I started off with a chicken sausage and green pepper omelet and some coffee with a little bit of heavy whipping cream in it.  (I gave up sugar/sweetener in my coffee in November to try to prepare for this.  It was tough at first, but now its tolerable.)  For a snack I had some strawberries and blackberries. For lunch, it was the chicken with red salsa stuff that Mark made yesterday.  I had guacamole in my lunchbag, too, but it seemed weird to eat it with the chicken and salsa so I skipped it.  I didn't have the urge to snack the rest of the day at work, but I did drink some water.  When I got home from work I had a few more strawberries and that was it until dinner after CF, which consisted of the curry pot roast and 1/2 a sweet potato with some Irish butter and cinnamon on it.  I didn't have the urge to eat any of the treats at the office today.  Whootie!

In looking at the workout online today, it didn't seem like it would be too bad.  Overall, I was right.  I struggled with my push presses, but I'll explain about that below.

4 sets as fast as possible:
12 Power Cleans (65lbs Rx for girls) - I scaled to 55, which I wasn't sure I could do for that many reps, very quickly...but I did!
100 m row sprints - this is nothing -  LOVE to row!!
Rest 3 mins

I didn't keep a record of my exact times times per round, but they were about 60s or 75s. 

4 sets as fast as possible:
12 Push Press*
7 burpees
Rest 3 mins

Again, I was right about a minute with my times, maybe a little more as I got tired.

*About 4 weeks ago, during an Olympic class, I was lifting and whenever I had to thrust a weight overhead I felt sharp pains in both of my shoulders.  I mentioned it to our coach and she didn't seem very concerned, just said that since I was still fairly new to this I was just using muscles I hadn't before.  IAlso  not too concerned,  took a few days off and we didn't have that movement for a while and my pain subsided.  After a week of no pain during the push press (and 2 workouts) it happened again last Thursday night.  This time, only my right shoulder though, and less at the shoulder joint, but more in the middle of my deltoid muscle, had the pain.  I struggled through a few sets - thinking that maybe it only hurt when my technique was off....not so.  Oddly enough, I tweaked it again playing pool the other night when I broke up the balls.  So, its clearly that explosive movement that upsets it.  Tonight, the push press Rx was 85lbs, which I needed to scale.  I know that my 1 rep max is 60 lbs...maybe 65, so I was thinking that if I needed to do 12 I should scale to 50 or so.  My first set was really painful and I only made it through 10.  For the next 2 rounds, I only did 45 lbs, thinking that would be light enough to where it wouldn't hurt...wrong!  For the final set, I did 40 lbs.  I made it through those, but it was definitely tender.   

A couple of final thoughts....we're trying to be more organized with our apt and not let dishes and laundry get out of control.  So far, so good. I still have an ongoing issue with my closet and the clothes that seem to explode from it, but since I already have 600 goals....I'll let that go for now.  I'm still able to drink wine and I'm very excited to have some coming my way from Carbondale! :) 

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